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Old 07-15-2008, 02:26 AM
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Does anyone use anything other than the expensive stabilizers when embroidering with an embroidery machine?

I would love to use my embroidery machine more, but the cost of the stabilizers are expensive. I would rather spend that money on fabric!!
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Old 07-15-2008, 02:43 AM
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I go to Joann;s and use my coupon to buy a roll of stabilizer and it lasts me quite a long time. I also can buy it by the yard at Walmart. Like everything else thats the price we pay to embroider. LOL Marge
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Old 07-15-2008, 03:27 AM
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If its a small area several layers of plain ole tissue paper under your work might work. Just be careful when you try to remove it!
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Old 07-15-2008, 04:24 AM
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if it's something you can use a "cut away" on, I starch my fabric real heavy and use a paper innerfacing, like for clothing, it's cheaper and works well for me. Also, if you bast the stabilizer to you fabric you can just use a piece big enough to go under the project, not the whole hoop.
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Old 07-15-2008, 04:37 AM
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Thank you all for all the great information!!!

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Old 07-15-2008, 04:53 AM
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I use a combination of stabilizers, depending on what I'm doing - some more expensive, some less. I've made it a habit to check out prices because they vary (sometimes a lot!) and I do love to make a dime scream for mercy before I let it go :lol:

For tearaway, I bought a 50 yard roll from Zieglers on E-Bay. That was a year and a half ago, and I still have some - for under $20. Here's a link to their store: http://tinyurl.com/8e2wb

For t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. I really like poly mesh - it holds up well, and the fusible helps keep stretchy material from stretching :-) I've used Floriani (love that but can be pricey) and Inspira (not fusible, so have to use the temporary adhesive spray with that .) My Embroidery Haven is having a sale on Floriani right now: http://www.myembroideryhaven.com/ I use Inspira's water soluble exclusively just because I like it best :D

I tried the Sulky sticky once; a nightmarish experience I don't want to repeat. My machines just hate it for some reason (but some just love it - go figure!) If your machine likes it, it is usually included when the fabric stores put their notions wall on sale (the temp adhesive spray is usually on sale then too, which is when I stock up.)

The one thing I personally don't do is to use things like coffee filters, etc. - these machines are much more expensive and complicated these days, and 'cheaper' can equal a big repair bill (as Gertie and I can attest to :? ) I saw the thread guides that were chewed nearly in two because the previous owner used 'cheaper' thread - it wasn't pretty.
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Old 07-15-2008, 01:41 PM
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I don't have an embroidery machine and have never been around one, but an old-fashioned way of stabilizing for embroidery (especially on delicate fabrics) is to put a piece of organza under it.

I have no idea if this works with the machines or not - just a thought.
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Old 08-26-2008, 08:38 AM
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I have found that coffee filters work well as stabilizers for embroidery. They are relatively inexpensive.
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