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Red face Eq 7

I need a program that will take blocks of various sizes and design a layout using all. Can EQ 7 do this?
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yes, indeed, it can. i have EQ5 and i can do that in this version as well

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Well, no, not completely, not easily. If you want to just plop a 5" block next to a 7" block and next to that a 12" block, I haven't figured out how to do it. You can make a custom layout, but I find it very cumbersome to size and position the blocks in it. Or you can do a row quilt, where each row is made of a different size blocks, but I don't think you can put multiple size blocks in that row. I am hoping that someone with much more knowledge of EQ will tell me I'm wrong, and how it can be done.
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You can do it, using New Quilt/Custom Set. I think it's a bit cumbersome at first, but once you get the idea it becomes a lot easier. It's best suited to a quilt that doesn't have rows. I've posted one example below (the bottom image).

If you are working in rows but with different size blocks you would be better off adding a border to the smaller blocks when you design them, than using Custom Set. I've included an example of that as well.
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There are extensive help files that show you how to do the kind of thing Lynda has done. I haven't ever had the need, but just about every time I play with EQ7, I find some new thing that it can do.

There's also a huge amount of info on the EQ web site and a yahoogroup where you can ask questions if you get stuck.

I will warn you that EQ is just about as addictive as actual quilt-making, especially if you already like playing with computer programs like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop or Publisher. It's big fun!
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When I get ready to do something in EQ7 I go to the website and follow the tutorial/video step by step. So far I have found an answer for everything I wanted to work on.
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To combine different size blocks, I would get Sharyn Craig's book: "Setting Solutions"
she has lots of ideas for combining different size blocks. Check your library to see if they have a copy.
I am saving up for EQ7, though!
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