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Found them where???

Found them where???

Old 02-11-2018, 07:16 PM
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Reading the posts gave me many good chuckles because many of them have been done by me. Lol!

My husband would tell people we were in trouble if I put something in a safe spot. . One day I was looking for my cell phone and then realized I was talking on it instead of the house phone. My friend did this also so we just chuckle over the dumb things we do at times.

My friend misplaced her cell phone on vacation last summer and we couldn't figure out where she lost it. I had called it when we were in the hotel room and it didn't ring. She decided to look in her lunch bag in the refrigerator and, there it was! We figured the refrigerator kept the signal from getting to it. Lol!

Now where did the top to my dry erase marker disappear tonight in my sewing room? My yardstick I use to measure my quilt tops has been missing since last fall. I just shake my head and move on.


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Old 02-11-2018, 09:28 PM
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Oh yes, in Nov I was wearing my Row x Row pin to my quilting group . The little blue car and 5 charms ..put away to take north in spring....problem is it hasnít been seen since even after I searched everywhere. Can not get another due to price and these charms were acquired the year they came out. I worked so hard to get that jewelry.

Came south expecting to look in stash for my ď Quilt Police Doll ď piece of fabric. No ...it has disappeared but at least I
could buy another ...so I bought 2 in case I loose another one.
Trying to be more careful now but can not imagine where that pin could be.
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Old 02-11-2018, 10:28 PM
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I just spent hours looking everywhere for something in my sewing room (which takes a long time because I find such interesting stuff!). The missing large spool of batt joining tape was in a clear plastic bag pinned onto my cork board next to the machine so that I "couldn't miss it." I was almost madder at myself after I found it than I was before, when I was beginning to think it had just fallen off the table into the trash, emptied days ago. That would be an accident rather than carefully planned mayhem. I have a perfectly sensible place for that tape near the ironing board. Why would I have moved it?!
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Old 02-11-2018, 10:35 PM
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Morningstar, if you were carrying a shoulder bag when you were wearing that pin, probably the strap worked it loose. Perhaps someone will have found it and turned it in at the meeting place. Another possibility is that it got caught on your coat or scarf. Hope you find it!
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