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Thread: Grain lines -

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    Grain lines -

    When possible, I prefer to have lengthwise straight of grain for the outside edges/borders of any quilts I make -

    Because, usually, the lengthwise grain has less stretch and is more stable.

    The down side of using the less stretch direction - it is more difficult to ease in any oversized blocks/pieces.

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    Ain’t that the truth!!

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    That's true, but I use the same method.

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    I almost always use WOF because it's easier to cut and I don't find a big difference when dealing with WOF or LOF for borders.
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    Borders are cut lengthwise. I don't piece border fabrics unless it is to add a cornerstone. I know...I know... supposedly you don't "see" the piecing on borders after they are quilted.

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    I so totally agree with you on this. I try to watch my fabric grain for the grain going lengthwise where ever possible.

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    I agree on the concept that LOF is the better option, for less stretch and stability ...
    ... plus eliminating seams.

    However ... as an interesting segue,
    ... the only time I have had wavy borders was for my FWS quilt, when I was "smart" using LOF!!
    And what a bear (no pun intended BearIsGray!)they were to get flattened out.
    I finally got them there, but it was not a good experience at all.
    Yes, now, I only use WOF.

    Of course, that will change someday when I choose a border print running LOF!
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    I use WOF as it is much more economical. I’ve never had the wavy border problem but I do measure and then clip on my border (using binding clips) carefully - match up the middle and quarter points.

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    I am a recent convert to LOF for borders. Now that I have had several years of quilting on a longarm, I am a happy camper when the borders are flat!! I am also ocd when it comes to patterns and the seams in the middle of a border really bother me . The LOF is a good solution for me. I measure the middle of the quilt and cut both sides of the border fabric to that measurement. bearisgray - you are correct however - if you have an oversize block it is harder to ease in. When that happens and it isn't too far off, I revert to my old sewing habits - remember easing is sleeves?? I will loosen the tension and run a quick stitch just inside the 1/4 inch mark - sometimes just the stitching alone is enough to pull in the fabric and make it fit.

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    I have never found any difference in lengthwise or crosswise when sewing borders. I have my border fabric stiff as paper before cutting and sewing. I never have a problem with floppy or wavy borders.
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    i am also a long-standing LOFer for borders.

    i also use LOF the cut strips for strip piecing.
    makes it easier to sew straight seams and press them straight.
    it also makes the WOF "give" available when i need to ease a bit to match intersections.
    i used WOF to cut the strips for my first irish chain quilt.
    never again.
    a tuckery, puckery nightmare with far too many intersections i couldn't match no matter what.
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