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Help choosing a new machine New Janome 9400 vs slightly used Bernina 770 >

Help choosing a new machine New Janome 9400 vs slightly used Bernina 770

Help choosing a new machine New Janome 9400 vs slightly used Bernina 770

Old 04-27-2019, 01:30 AM
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I would get the new Janome because it's new in the box and it's a great price. I have a Janome 7700 and I love it.
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Old 04-27-2019, 02:30 AM
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I own a Janome, 8900, and love it. I purchased mine off Craigslist and chose to search for a Janome as there is a dealer about 45 minutes from where I live. The piece of advice I have to offer is this, consider picking the machine that has a dealer near you. If you have issues with a machine, relying on the dealer to fix it and service it is important.
The 9400 is the next step up from my machine, it has all the bells and whistles, there is also an expansion kit available to purchase that adds even more features to the machine. I don't know anything about Bernina machines as I have never sewn on one but as I've read on here multiple times, I have observed several of us quilters have our preferred brand of machine, so I'm sure someone will offer advice on the 770 for you to consider. Good luck on your decision.
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Old 04-27-2019, 03:51 AM
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They are both lovely machines. Do not think you could go wrong with either machine. One of the main differences that jump out is horizontal drop in bobbin vs. vertical bobbincase system. The horizontal systems are easy to see and no case to futz with. But IMO, the vertical sometimes gives better results, especially with FM work and never tries to pull out if something goes wrong. And the bobbin can be changed without removing your project. Feature wise, they are probably very similar. I have both brands, and no complaints about either, but if I had to choose, it would be the Bernina. Bernina has the big bobbin, if that matters to you. Both have top feed. And maybe compare prices on eBay to get a proper range of acceptable prices. I suggest paying with PayPal on both of them, as you get a layer of protection that really works. Buy all my machines this way. Best wishes for fun!
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Old 04-27-2019, 04:08 AM
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I almost bought a "good deal" until I learned that it would be shipped from a recently flooded area. Buyer Be Ware.
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Old 04-27-2019, 04:21 AM
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I'm a BERNINA gal all the way! I have owned them for 50 years. I would choose that one. I, however, would ask the seller about the history of maintenance. Perhaps he or she has documentation. I know I save all of the documentation when I have my machines serviced. I have sold a couple of machines in the past and have always provided maintenance documents for the buyer so there would be no questions. Perhaps you could ask for/about that. At a price of $3200 the owner can afford to do that.
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Old 04-27-2019, 06:51 AM
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I have two Janomes (6600 and 8900) and have enjoyed both of them but my go to machine now is a Bernina 770. In either direction you choose, I would most definitely want to test drive the machines.
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Old 04-27-2019, 11:00 AM
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Excellent price on the 9400. I have one that I paid $3000 for about a year ago. I love all of the bells and whistles and because I have other Janomes I can share bobbins, feet, etc. with my other machines. I have very little experience with Berninas, but my cousin purchased a lemon a few years back. It can happen.

The Janome sews great, has all of the features I love, but has one flaw -- when the pressure foot goes up or down, I hear a loud cricket sound. If I have it set to auto lift (absolutely love this option) I hear it more often. The sound did not bother me at all until I took my machine to a guild sew-in and then I worried it would bother my table mate. Now it kind of bugs me. I asked the technician about it when I took it in for it's annual cleaning and she said it was normal for this model.

I wish you the best of luck.
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Old 04-27-2019, 08:24 PM
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I would be wanting proof of service history and/or a recent written technician inspection on either machine and also a 'sit down and sew" on them.....perhaps even take a friend who is an accomplished sewer to do a test drive with you who could play devils' advocate for you. I had a series 7 Bernina and a Janome 8900. I sold both with full service records. (They are both long gone and replaced with 2 Juki's ...I couldn't be happier...enough said!)
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Old 04-29-2019, 04:03 AM
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I have both, a Bernina for 27 years and still love it and a Janome Gem purchased years ago to take to workshops. I really never bonded with the Janome and ended up giving it to my daughter. I guess I'm a Bernina girl all the way. Good luck in making your decision, its a personal choice that no one can choose but yourself.
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Old 04-29-2019, 04:55 AM
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I also own the Janome 9400. It's a dream. I've owned it for three years, not had even one issue. My first computerized machine was a Janome that I purchased in 2003 and I still use that machine. I sold my Janome 7700 when I decided I'd sure like to own the 9400. I have been brand loyal ever since my first purchase which seems to run true with gals and their sewing machines. I like that the 9400 has a notification pop up when bobbin thread is getting low and you can set the level of thread left to your liking. I like that you can wind your bobbin without removing thread from machine! I love all the lighting, the sound the motor makes, and the quality that comes from Janome. I believe it is a solid machine.
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