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Good news! DH says I shouldn't wait after all, that I need a dog for therapy! I asked him what changed his mind. He said being home all yesterday. He saw me doing what I always do; just going about my business of housework, deskwork, napping. I'm not depressed or even moody, but apparently a lot more subdued when there's no dog to entertain me and want me to interact. I don't think he liked that when I went outside to ask him something, I was so shocked at the weather because without our dog or petsitting one of our daughter's dogs, I don't feel a need to go outside so can go all day without fresh air (we have no yard to sit in). He's worried that I might get depressed with my medical woes and our financial stresses regarding bankruptcy. I wouldn't, I never do, but hey, if him thinking it gets me a dog...! Sooo I have resumed my searching all the rescue shelters again. They update their websites on Sundays so I'll look hard then. Our only criteria are that I can lift it so no more than 10lbs yet not be too tiny so no less than 7lbs and that it be fun...people friendly, other dog friendly as well as enjoy my lap and be 6months - 3years old (so already housebroken). We don't care about breed, color, or gender.

So, please continue to add more great Quilting name ideas! Right now, I'm waiting for more info on a little chihuahua, if not too tiny. But since she's 3yrs old already, I'd let her keep her name with just a little change, from Kate to "Katie Q"..(Q being for Quilt of course). I got that idea from the Suzie Q suggestion here. DH's in general favorite is Patches or Patch, but that is dependent upon appearance. I don't really have a favorite, so many are good. Thanks again!
Cathy, I am so happy to hear you are looking again. I know there is a little soul out there that is just right for you both. Have a great time looking and let us know when you find the right one.
If the dog is young enough to be able to change the name Bobbin is still my favorite, LOL. but you all have to live with it and I know you will find the right name.