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Help Pleeeeese. Bailey Home Quilter 15"

Help Pleeeeese. Bailey Home Quilter 15"

Old 02-17-2020, 04:54 PM
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Question Help Pleeeeese. Bailey Home Quilter 15"

I recently sold my Gammill Classic Plus. I know why I did it is : the head of the machine weighed over 65 pounds and my back couldn't take it any longer. So my BFF bought it and I was offered to use it whenever I want but it is not like having one in my home.

I have been looking at the Bailey Home Quilter 15" which weighs approximately 30 pounds. My question to owners of this machine is "how easy does it roll on the frame"???? Does it Glide easily or do you have to tug, remember I have a bad back.

It has been suggested I can pay to have a lot of quilts quilted for the purchase price of a machine.

What would you do???? I hate the thought of sandwiching and pinning and then quilting on a sit down.

Thank you all for your input!
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Old 02-17-2020, 05:56 PM
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I have an older Nolting that I can push with one finger if necessary. There are easy machines to operate, even with your bad back.
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Old 02-18-2020, 12:26 AM
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I didn't find my Bailey that hard to push, but keep in mind that you buy the machine and frame separately. I bought a Gracie frame and paid more for an updated carriage. I also updated the rails from the plastic to aluminum and that helped too. I would say it was not as easy to move as my HQ - and that is a much heavier machine, but the rail system is also much more robust than what was on the Gracie frame I chose to buy.

The main thing I didn't like about the Bailey was it is not a tall machine, so there is no room for a deadbar. This means that for each advance of the quilt, you need to adjust the back rail that holds the quilt so it stays the correct height above the machine. And after the quilt was half done, that rail starts to get a bit heavy and takes more effort to get adjusted correctly. I also had to be careful to make sure the quilt was rolled very tightly and evenly on that back rail. This meant sometimes re-rolling the quilt and using my hands to smooth it and keep it as tight as possible on the back rail - that also took some contorting and arm/hand strength.

So other than when the machines needed to be physically moved off the frame, I've found my 24" HQ and frame to be much less physically demanding than my 15" Bailey on a Gracie frame in regular use. When cost is a major factor, the Bailey can easily "win", but if cost is not the main factor, I don't think I'd ever recommend the Bailey over a machine with a taller throat.
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I would recommend trying a number of brands (and combinations of machine/frame if there are options for a machine) before deciding.

Machine weight is just one factor. The friction between the machine and the rails is even more important for reduced physical effort, ease of movement and smooth curves. A lightweight machine with high friction is going to be more fatiguing than a heavy one with little friction. There are large machines out there that you really can move with a light touch of the fingers.
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Thank you all for replying! I called my husband and wife chiropractor friends. She is a quilter and had the HG on a rail for a long time. Sold it and bought the Avante which she said rolls super easy compared to the other. She made a couple suggestions and then quoted her husband "You can get a lot of quilts quilted by someone else for a lot less money". So I'm still thinking it thru while I am totally reorganizing my room including moving my machines to a wall area instead of in the center of the room. I am blessed to have a younger quilting friend to help and do the heavy lifting for me.
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