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Looking for advice and encouragement..Iíve made hundreds of pieced quilts.even finally made my storm at sea..but Iíve been asked to made a Double Wedding Ring, queen sized, for a wedding present next fall..not big on curves, do fine with squares and triangles..should I just say no, Or take on the challenge..
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Do you have any scrap material that you could make a couple of "rings" with to practice? You could use the practice piece for a pillow top if you want to make something useful while experimenting.

If your Storm at Sea turned out well, I think you could to a Double Wedding Ring.

To a large extent, who wants this quilt would also influence my decision.

Is this commissioned?

For a near and dear one?

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I have no doubt you could do it but it's a question of to you want to do it. That's a large size if you don't really want to. I made a Storm at Sea and the curves are more of an illusion than actual curves.
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For myself - "If in doubt, better to opt out."
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I know I would say "No" ...of course, I do not like doing putzy things and a double wedding ring is certainly that....I don't enjoy curves either....and I don't like the pressure of making a "special" quilt when I have not mastered the technique I would offer an alternative pattern that I knew would turn out well....but I don't know you and your skills, and who the quilt would be made for.....if it I was a close relative, I may still say no but offer to find someone else who could do a great job on it.
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Oh, they know not what they ask. I would opt out also. A queen size with today's thicker mattresses is like a king of yesterdays. If you do decide to take it on. I have made one double wedding ring for a quilt show and used Marti Michel templates. They make round rings instead of squarish rings. Maybe you could just do a bed scarf?
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Oh take the challenge! I have made 6 of them. All scrappy and a great way to use up scraps! I used the Sharlene Jorgenson templates and this made it so easy to accomplish. All of them were Queen or King. Four of them were gifts and are true treasures for those who received them. I plan on another one in the future too. I hand quilted all of them (except the first one).The piecing goes easily together with your sewing machine the curves are done with pinning on the curves. I know it is worth the challenge. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Try the Sharlene Jorgenson templates they are worth the money for the perfection you will get.
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There are different ways to construct a double wedding ring. Some people simply applique down the rings on to a solid backing. I know a lot of us fear/don't like working with curves but for the most part these are large and gentle arcs, not tiny little drunkard's path patches.

I'd say to try it out first with a few scraps before fully committing to the project. I would recommend getting a template set and reading and understanding the directions. Some have only one wedding ring piece shape, with some kits that is correct and precise, with others you trim a bit after you attach so read your directions. Other kits have L/R end pieces with all the same in the middle.
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It would depend on the person asking for it. Are they paying for the quilt or just want it to be a gift from you? This will be an expensive gift with a lot of your time involved. Unless a child or grand I doubt I would make a large DWR quilt because someone asked for one. And if you make one for a gift for this wedding, the next wedding couple will want one from you just like the one you made for so and so.
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Another ?...will this be sent out to quilt? Expensive. Who's buying the fabric? Another expense. I've made 3 DWR and I know, like everyone else, how time consuming this project will be. My suggestion...pass. And if you make one for a gift for this wedding, the next wedding couple will want one from you just like the one you made for so and so. And you know this could/would happen. If you decide NOT to do this, don't feel guilty. Quilting is your hobby, not business right?
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