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I've always wanted to make a DWR but I also have issues with curves but found an embroidery design set by Anita Goodesigns with a couple versions and sizes so set out to make a lap size quilt using what I had on hand. You add the batting while embroidering too and it even adds some quilting in areas but I still want to add more along the rings once I get it all put together. So if you have an embroidery machine that's another way to get it done.
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One of the hardest quilts I've made. It is very time consuming. Try making a few blocks and sew them together before you decide. You might love it, or decide not for me. But once you make one and work gets out.......
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Do you want to make a Double Wedding Ring top? I find it very difficult to force myself to work on something that I have no desired to do.
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So many questions. Who has asked you to make the quilt? Do they have any idea of what they're asking, or do they think that since you sew anyway, you might as well whip this out for them? Would you be paid by the person asking, or are you expected to donate the time and expense? Do you know the recipients? Do you enjoy doing requests that you have no personal motivation for?

If you feel any reluctance, I would suggest you say no.
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Originally Posted by My time View Post
One of the hardest quilts I've made. It is very time consuming. Try making a few blocks and sew them together before you decide. You might love it, or decide not for me. But once you make one and work gets out.......
I think making a few blocks before giving your answer is very wise. I made a table runner DWR and decided, check that one off my bucked list.
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As others have said, we have so many additional questions for you to help us better answer your question. One thing I wonder about is which way are you leaning - are you feeling very leery of the whole project and looking for advice to walk away? or are you feeling nervous (and maybe a bit excited?) about the idea of taking a new challenge and looking for a bit of encouragement? The answer would greatly affect the advice we will give you one way or another.

I also note your phrasing that you were "asked to make" this quilt, which raises more questions: Who asked? The couple getting married, or one of their family members? How do feel about the couple and/or the person who asked? Are the couple super interested in a DWR quilt, or is that just one quilt design that appeals to them and there are other types that would also make them happy?

I definitely recommend not starting a very large project (and a queen sized quilt counts as large!) with techniques that you do not enjoy. This is your hobby (I assume) that you do for your enjoyment, and you don't want to turn it into a job that onerous and unpleasant. (I think the advice to make a few trial blocks is good if you're feeling like you might be interested in the project.)

I like an old Ann Landers phrase: "No one can take advantage of you without your permission." I find it very helpful when I need/want to say "no" to a request. If this project is not appealing to you, you are well within your rights to say "no". It can be anything from a flat "no" (e.g. I'm too busy with other commitments to take this on), to proposing a different quilt (e.g. I'm not willing to make a DWR quilt, but I can show you several quilt designs that I would be happy to make for you.
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And one more concern...if the bride does not state that SHE loves this pattern...I suggest stop. I was once asked to make a quilt for a bride to be by the future mother in law. I declined and she said why so I told her...I would hate to give my future DIL a quilt, commissioned or bought retail, without her being part of the decision. Again she said why. Replied I would hate for her to keep it in a closet until I came over. I told her I would consider making two oversized lap quilts and we could discuss pricing at a later date. Never had that chat. Oh and this request was from my boss…lol
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Thanks everyone for your comments and answer some of the questions..I think it intimidates me, and kind of want the is actually the groom asking for his bride, and they family friendS but will be paid..never what your time is worth, of course, lol. I’ve explained even fabric and batting, plus quilting is expensive..
I may try a template and start small, since I have some welcome all your comments, that’s why I asked!
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Isn't there a variation of Double Wedding Ring that actually uses flat-sided pieces rather than curves? I wonder if that would be acceptable.
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I know that some quilters use the paper piece method for the DWR. Take a look and consider that option too.
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