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how do you know what your style is? >

how do you know what your style is?

how do you know what your style is?

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Default how do you know what your style is?

Im a new quilter and I just go for what I like! If I see a cute pattern or fabric I figure I will plan to do that one day. I looked over my small stash since Im a newbie and I have a good variety. I guess Im wondering what is traditional anyways. I know what modern is and I dont tend to lean that way much. Are these the only two styles?
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Oooo...interesting question!

I think "traditional" and "contemporary" are broad enough that every style can be slotted into one or the other, but because they are so broad they are almost meaningless. For instance, if I described a quilt as a "William Morris" quilt it would mean a very specific look, with very specific colors, and even a certain technique (applique, I believe) in most cases. Yet that could be considered as "traditional" as any nine-patch in feedsack cotton!

When people ask me what kind of quilting I do I tend to describe the techniques and the colors I prefer to use, rather than a style. If pressed I might say "leaning toward contemporary", but even then I would feel the need to qualify that extensively.

I'll be curious to see what others say on this thread!

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This is a great question! Looking forward to reading more responses.

I agree with what Alisonquilts posted about any style (persay) fitting into either type. Like you, I try what I like and want to experiment/learn at the time. Yet, mainly all of the quilts I create are considered Scrappy. Which again can fit into either catergory.
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From what I feel, "traditional" would be anything that has a repetitve block, and the block has a name, and a story behind it Usually the quilt would have a border, and geometry of block placement is highly symmetrical.

However, I think it would be too restrictive to classify everything into 2 distinct categories. Nowadays, it is common to see traditional blocks using not so traditonal colors, placements, etc.

I like the contemporary feeling of non traditional quilts. But I have grown to learn that traditional quilt patterns have been around for so long, there must be an enduring beauty in them. I am exploring vintage and traditional patterns/blocks, but when I make them, I will add my personal touch - may it be placement, color, etc.
I am also into using non traditional quilting fabrics (indigenous fabrics, silks). So, do whatever calls to you, everything else is optional
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My style is whatever catches my eye at any given time. I love them all be it traditional, modern, art quilts etc. I don't find it necessary to limit myself with a label.
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Oh my! What a great question. I would say, look around your house. Is it comtemporary, shabby chic, english country, american country, fifties modern? If you are making for yourself, I would say to use the colors and style from your home.

Then conversly, if you are making for someone else, use their colors and styles so they will love how it fits thier style.

Now, throwing all that aside. If you love certain colors, work on a qult with that in it. I have come across quilts in a quilt shop that doesn't fit either of these criteria, but, I just HAD to make it anyways. It fastenated me, and I had to make it. There is always a member of my family that goes bonkers over it and it becomes thiers before they leave.

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And then there are Art quilts. I've done both pieced and appliqued. With thread painting, too, I don't think we can hold to just two categories.
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I consider myself a traditional quilter. Very drawn to 1800s-early 20th century fabrics and patterns
Very rarely had borders, which is fine by me as I don't usually like borders.
Rarely applique, even if a pattern shows some.

My quilts are more often defined by the fabrics rather than the style: interesting, off-beat, large stark florals, plaids, stripes and the like.
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I've spent hours and hours ad. nauseum looking through quilting magazines and catalogs at quilt kits and patterns. I've decided there really isn't a style I don't like, although if pushed, scrappy quilts appeal to me most. I've made scrappy, traditional, modern and even a blue jeans quilt, and enjoyed them all. Right now I'm working on the Craftsy Civil War Reproduction Block of the Month, and really getting a kick out of it! It's history, and I love history. So I guess my point is that I love quilting, and can find any number of reasons to throw myself into a particular style of quilting: the challenge of the blocks, the juxtaposition of the colors, the choice of colors, working with a new texture, just because it's a new pattern, and so on. As long as a pattern appeals to me, style is secondary. I guess I'm what you would call an "eclectic".
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What possible difference does it make? They are as many quilting "styles" as there are quilters...certainly scads more than just two.

People change, styles change, tastes change, everything changes...faster now than ever. It serves no purpose at all to put yourself in any kind of labeled box. As long as you can describe what you're talking about with words and pictures so that others understand you, there is no need for labels.
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