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    Old 08-13-2022, 11:04 AM
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    Smile How to do you REDUCE STASH

    I am getting ready for a major sewing studio redo. I know that I need to reduce my fabric volume as a part to make it more manageable and in tune with what I am making now. However, when I look at the unlikely fabric I still see possibilities.

    Please share your process of getting rid of fabric from your stash and how it helps your creative process.

    Thank you!!!!
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    Old 08-13-2022, 11:33 AM
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    I have been on a mission to reduce my stash and UFO's for about a year now. I approached it using a similar method to how to get out of debt. The first thing is accountability. I went thru my sewing room listing all the UFO's and projects yet to be started. I work on UFO's starting with the least to do first getting them out of the way. A large part of my stash was used in completing and in backs for UFO's. As I went thru the stash, organizing, I pulled any fabrics that I know I wasn't interested in completing. I gave the fabrics away at the free table at Guild. For me it was Christmas, 30's, Reproduction era fabrics and embellishments. Not enough of each to make anything without buying more. I was left with batiks, solids, and prints. I am slowly working thru them. My goal is to complete without purchasing. It's one of the hardest things I have done.
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    Old 08-13-2022, 11:43 AM
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    I would look at the KonMari (Marie Kondo) youtube videos about going through and organizing your stash.. I haven't watched but I probably should! Good luck with purging your stash and let us know what worked well for you.

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    Old 08-13-2022, 12:50 PM
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    I joined the charity group at guild. Donated at least 100 completed at 5-8 yards each. Made backs for donated tops. Made kits for the the group with top cut out, back, binding and pattern.

    In all I think it was ~3000 yds.
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    Old 08-13-2022, 01:28 PM
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    I sewed fabric together to make quilt backings for our community donation quilts. It was easy to match the fabrics in strips or squares using a solid for the wilder or busier prints put together. I made room for newer fabric more to my taste now. I was never going to use that stored fabric so why was I kidding myself to keep it. LOL
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    Old 08-13-2022, 01:30 PM
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    Our guild has a free table at our meetings. The only stipulation is, if you put something on the table and it isn’t gone when the meeting is over, you need to pick it up and bring it home. This way someone doesn’t have to dispose of unwanted article left behind.
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    Old 08-13-2022, 01:35 PM
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    I didn't have a huge stash, as I accumulated most of it when I first started quilting. I bought most of it at ridiculous prices at estate sales. A quilter on another forum made quilts for African children through her church group. I sent her all of the large pieces I wouldn't use. I donated some I wouldn't use to Project Linus. I got it down to what would fit in my closet or on the shelves on my office/quilting space. Now, I see that I won't finish some completed tops. They are too big for Project Linus, so I'll need to find a charity for the 5 or 6 UFOs I have.

    You can sell some on marketplace or craigslist.org.

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    Old 08-13-2022, 02:05 PM
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    I have been cutting down UFO's for backs for charity qilts. Recently I made 25 blocks for a quilt.BUT I don't want to finish it so put it into a freezer bag labled with how many blocks and the size of them. Off to a new home. for someone else to finish.

    This week I"m making blocks forbacks for PL quilts. Using up stash for a good cause.
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    Old 08-13-2022, 04:49 PM
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    I just use too much fabric as an excuse to sew more. lol
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    Old 08-13-2022, 06:27 PM
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    I would love to have an event where all the people come with a quilt pattern to make and we all bring fabric to share. Everyone can choose from the fabrics to make their quilt. I have the Accuquilt cutters to help cut shapes. I used a lot making masks but want to use up more fabric and i need help. Or just have a cutting party to make kits for people.
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