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How to make a floating Block

How to make a floating Block

Old 03-24-2020, 02:08 PM
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Default How to make a floating Block

How do you construct a block that looks like it's floating in the quilt. I wrote earlier about looking for a book by Lynda Faies because her " Still Crazy Quilt" has that block. I did make a sample block but I know there has to be an easier way than I did it. Thanks BusyLizzie
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Cut two squares same size as your block then cut on the diagonal.
Or watch this video if you need more details. But it's easy peasy.
Jenny trims her block. You can just trim a little and it will float.
I was just making a trial block this a.m. using this method.
Give it a try and see if it works for you.
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Googled - https://thequiltshow.com/daily-blog/...y-lynda-faires
Hope it helps!
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Jenny from The Missouri Star Quilt co did a tutorial on The Illusion Block. There is also a pattern I think is called Shadow block?
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me and my shadow

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Jordan fabrics "shadow boxing" they have a video for it also.
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I do it the simplest way which is to add a border around the block using the backing fabric or add sashing between each block that is the same color as the background fabric. Floating seems to work better with a solid fabric color. If you are going to float every block, then use the sashing technique. EQ7 does not allow for sashing without the cornerstones. I would cut one of the center sashing pieces as a width of the blocks after you have sewn 1 sashing piece the length of the block between each block in a row.
1. Make your block
2. Sew a sashing piece to each block in a row except for the last block. Usually 1 or 2 inches width but can be any size you choose. Sew these block sets together making sure there is a sashing between each block. But none on the ends of this row of blocks.
3. Measure the length of your row. Cut and add the same size sashing for the length of the row. Sew it to one row of the blocks, then add another row of the blocks to the other side of the sashing. You only need sashing between the blocks.
4. To float the center, add the same size sashing as a stop border around your center rows that you have pieced together.
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There are different terms and ideas used with "floating" Looking at the quilt in question, I think what you want is pretty easy.

You need two long rectangles, each maybe 2" longer than your desired finished size. The wider the rectangle, the more the block will tilt. Then you want to use a partial seam on your first row, put the wide corner on one end and sew about half way.

I really like the look of those blocks going up and down but when I made my own similar project, I didn't double check the instructions and I ended up flattening out the rows but it still gives the overall look I wanted and nobody know but me and the people I tell it isn't exactly as planned.

Edit: Added another project done this past year as a comfort quilt. We used a book for that one too but I don't remember the name. I do remember the book had a wonderful method for how much to add and it worked out mathematically beautifully! I'll have to ask the name.

I'm pretty sure the idea for my quilt came from Karla Alexander's first Stack the Deck book, might have been another one in that series.
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Here's the other book, Twist & Turn by Sharon Squire Craig.

For fast crazy patch, they do have ruler sets and stuff like that now but Karla Alexander was one of the founders of that style and her books teach you how to do them without rulers -- so any size you'd like. Her method of sorting fabrics the "Stack the Deck" part is well written and thought out, I handle my fabrics for scrap quilts in a similar manner. With my vision issues I've been looking at other ways to piece than my fussy precise old school methods and I really enjoyed her books.

edit: Looking back at my first post I said "you need two rectangles" more particularly that is two rectangles cut into long triangles. It does matter which way you cut but so long as you are using solids that is not an issue! It becomes an issue with working with prints.

The right angle of the long piece will fit the right angle of the inner block, gives you an easy way to make sure you are putting them on the right way!

You will still have a long slightly bias edge, take some care/awareness to not stretch!

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Dear IceBlossom, How did you do the quilt that's finished that is sitting at the far right. Thats the look that I'm going for, I don't want to use the corner stones just the sashing between the blocks. Thank you also for taking all the time you did to explain what to do. BusyLizzie
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