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Thread: How much do you expect your machine to depreciate in value over one year?

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    How much do you expect your machine to depreciate in value over one year?

    I bought a used Babylock Espire last October (it was in good condition but just doesn't stitch very nicely) for $1300. If I was to try to trade it in for a new machine, what type of trade in value do you think I should get? I have no idea how LQS value trade-ins and was hoping to get at least $700-800 but that may be too optimistic.

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    I just looked on Ebay at the sold ones and 2 sold for around $900. so that could be a guide...look on local Craigslist or other places people sell things. I see machines on the Yahoo group "SewItsForSale" and I think they sell pretty well...might join them to see.

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    What's the discount for "not sewing nicely?"

    Although, you'd expect a dealer to be able to fix the problem.

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    I purchased two used Janomes (6500 and 6600) and was able to get more than I paid for them when I sold them. The 6500 was $600 and the 6600 was $800, and I got $650 and $1000 respectively. You may do better with a private sale than selling to a dealer. You just have to price it out, but I don't think you're at all unreasonable in your expectations.

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    I agree on trying to sell them on your own first. I have a Janome MC4900QC and I was not able to sell it on my own or trade it in for anything near what I paid for it - and I got a really, really good deal on it. I'm going to be selling my Brother 4500d and I'm worried that I won't get much for it - even though I can count on two hands the number of times I used it... but it is what it is, right?

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    I recently found out that manufactuers give the dealers a trade-in value sheet to go by. I had a machine that I bought for 1000 and less than a yr later would have only gotten 500 trade-in. My Ruby I bought used from a LQS, it had only 7hrs of use on it and I recently traded it in after 1yr and only lost a 1000. The thing is; the store has to be able to make a profit on it as well so they aren't going to give you the market value. Plus I know that at least mine does have all of ther machines serviced when they come in so that cost and then they offer a warranty and that cost. If you can sell it yourself you should try but alot will depend on the machine you will trade it for; the more the machine the more youll usely get back. Good luck.

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    A machine in perfect working order will sell for more than one that is not.
    Is the tension off? Is the problem something serious? That is what people will more than likely ask. How about taking it in and finding out the problem. You may be surprised when you get it back working good. You may not want to part with it.
    Good luck.

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    When I see used machines on Craigslist, I am sometimes tempted, but I always end up deciding if I'm going to spend a significant amount of money, I want a warranty and some place to go if there's a problem. I don't think I'd spend a lot buying from a private party, but I guess it depends on your disposable income.

    To the original poster, maybe find out what trade-in value you can get, and then go from there...
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