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I also starch as I fall in the prewashers camp >

I also starch as I fall in the prewashers camp

I also starch as I fall in the prewashers camp

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Default I also starch as I fall in the prewashers camp

I know everyone has their own best practices. I think what ever works for you works. I'm always looking to improve. I do the pre wash because if it is going to bleed or shrink I want it to do before I attach it. Now about the starching, is it when you ironing after you have washed it before you cut it? What products are you finding work best? Ironing isn't something I know alot about. Starch I know zip about. Please advise.
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I am a pre-washer of yardage too (allergies, and to reduce shrinkage/bleeding). I starch right before I cut. I hear it isn't good to leave fabric stored with starch (bugs). When working with precuts, I starch those also. I like the starch in the pump spray better than the aerosol - usually get Niagra. I also like the Bounce pressing spray. The scent can be strong, but I like the way the fabric handles when I use it. It is especially important to starch when you are working with bias. Keep in mind the finished quilt...for instance, the french braid in my avatar is made from straight cuts, but trimmed it exposes bias edges along the braid sections.
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After washing, but before cutting, I starch. If the pattern will have a lot of off grain seams (bias) I starch heavily to about the stiffness of paper to keep the fabric from stretching while sewing. Use care while ironing to follow the grain of the fabric as not to distort the shape. Sta-flo diluted about half starch half water in a spray bottle is less expensive to use than many other options and works well. Also starch from the back side of fabric to avoid flakes on front, then iron from the right side to draw starch into fabric.

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I don't always prewash, but I always starch (unless I am out and can't wait) just before I cut. I really helps me cut more accurately.
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As a general rule, I don't pre-wash, I like the old fashioned crinkly looks. Any fabric I plan on cutting, I starch at least 2 hours before I plan on using, then I either air dry, which I prefer or put in the drier for a few minutes, then iron. I also use the concentrated starch, Sta-Flo and mix 50/50. I've never had a problem with bugs, but I think that if you have no problem with bugs prior to starching, you won't have a problem with them afterward, but this is my honest opinion not a fact.
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I am a die hard pre washer not only for bleeding and shrinkage. I am allergic to the chemicals used in the manufacturing and processing of the fabrics. I press (or iron if yardage) before I cut it. I used to use only Mary Ellen's Best Press but I have found that I much prefer the Bounce Pressing Spray. I'm not a huge fan of the traditional starch products. A important thing to remember when using any pressing product is to spray the fabric and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This allows the product to soak into the fibers of the fabric and you will a better outcome. If you iron right away you will evaporate the product and the only thing that gets starch on it is the sole plate of your iron!
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I also am a pre washer, I starch before cutting and a mentioned by auntpiggylpn I also let it soak in for a minute. I just use spray starch.
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I am a pre-washer also and press before it goes on the shelf. I always have to press the fabric again when I am ready to use so I starch @ that time.
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Like most of the others, I pre-wash everything, press, fold, and store. When I'm ready to use the piece I usually starch, then cut. (I don't starch for everything - bindings, for instance, don't get starched first.)
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I ama starcher from way back.. I starch prior to cutting. I like the concetrate ( StayFlo.. blue bottle .. Walmart). I can custom mix my solutions. If I am going to work with really small pieces , I use a 1part concentrate to 1 water ratio, I soak the fabric in the solution , air dry, then press, then cut.
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