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I finally found some courage and went to a local guild meeting >

I finally found some courage and went to a local guild meeting

I finally found some courage and went to a local guild meeting

Old 05-08-2014, 01:11 PM
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Default I finally found some courage and went to a local guild meeting

And now I'm wondering why I've been such a chicken about it for so long! I've wanted to visit this guild for over a year and was just too cowardly to go.

Thanks goes to willferg on this board, who brought me along to a fabric sale at the guild last month and helped me get my feet wet, so to speak. (Willferg - have you made anything with your fabric yet? I'm still moving my sewing room and haven't sewn in weeks! It's been terrible!)

So last night I FINALLY attended a meeting as a guest and it was really nice! Everybody was really friendly and welcoming, and three different ladies went out of their way to come talk to me and show me around and explain all the shorthand and acronyms they were using for their various programs and events. There was a show & tell session that was really neat to see, and it was just a lot of fun overall. Everyone seemed to be having a great time. Odd are that there is at least one or two people in the group with big egos and bad attitudes but I didn't notice them!

I'm going to go back to the next meeting in 2 weeks and formally join up....maybe even volunteer to help at the quilt show they're putting on next month! I always attend that show so it'd be neat to see it from behind the scenes.
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Old 05-08-2014, 01:52 PM
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I was invited to a small guild. The woman who invited me was out of town for a month so not there. It was a small cliquey, non welcoming group so never went back. No one made even a small effort to talk to me. I go to a sewing night with several other quilters. We always welcome and invite new people to come encouraging them to participate in our conversations. There is a huge guild that meets about 20 minutes from my home so may try them this summer.
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Old 05-08-2014, 01:53 PM
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glad you took the leap and found a good one. they all have different 'personalities'. i belong to two and they are completely different, but, thankfully, neither is unfriendly. the one i went to in MN seemed difficult to make friends at.
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Glad you had such a good experience with your first guild meeting. I enjoy going to the work group every Tuesday. I learn a lot from those lovely ladies!
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Old 05-08-2014, 02:29 PM
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My guild is quite big, out in the country, and not terribly friendly. Most of the women grew up together or were neighbours or friends, went to the same church, or knew each other's parents or kids. They've all known each other (or of each other) forever, really. I get it.

So, I think my guild is not one I can easily integrate into (despite workshops and classes attended this past year). I think I will be looking for a new guild in the fall. Maybe one closer to a city where people come from all over. I think you really have to find a guild that is a good 'fit.'

Good for you for finding one that is a match!
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After relocating to Southwest Michigan at the first of the year, I decided I would also check out a quild. I never joined one when I lived in Indiana. I found out about a smaller guild from a member here on the board and went to a meeting. I was able to sit with the QB member and a few people came up to me and introduced themselves. I went to a second meeting and again sat with the QB member and a different group of ladies. Not everyone came up to me but that was okay. I took a class they were offering last Saturday, met more of the members and had a wonderful time. I'm really glad I joined up with them! It is great that you took the plunge too and enjoyed it!!!
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I'm so glad you took a deep breath and went. If I had a car, I think I might go to one too. It can be a bit un-nerving, because you don't know if they will be warm and friendly, but it looks like they were. So happy for you.
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Originally Posted by Boston1954 View Post
It can be a bit un-nerving, because you don't know if they will be warm and friendly
I was really unsure, I'm a bit younger than anybody there, and I wasn't sure if I'd be welcomed or if I'd just sort of stick out as an oddball. I saw one lady that I thought might be close to my age but then during show & tell she mentioned the quilt was made to commemorate her 60th birthday, so I guess I was pretty far off! (I'm 39 & I thought she might be mid-40's!) But I needn't have worried, only one person commented about my age and it was just to say she was glad to see younger people taking up quilting. (And it's really neat to be somewhere that I am considered "young"! LOL)

All in all I'm really excited! They have a class coming up for a style of quilt that intimidates me so I might just have to sign up for it and stretch myself some.
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I join a group a few months ago and I am seeing power craving individuals surface. Very disappointed. But it meets only a mile and a half and can easily get there on the local bus. It is fun to share ideas with other quilters.
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I am so glad you went to the meeting! How great that you had a good time and plan to join. I got a good vibe from the people there the night we went.

I did make one quick blanket from some fabric I bought. It was an irresistible piece of fabric – lime green with dachshunds on it. It was flannel and so soft. I bought it not knowing what I'd do with it, but found the perfect backing at home. I'm putting it on the pictures page right now!
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