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Thread: I learned something today

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    On Quilt in a Day, E. Burns uses the 20 mile per hour rule-if you drive by at 20mph and it looks good, it is good. I was kind of bummed about my Tennessee Waltz quilt-things not matching up and i saw the show on tv where E. Burns made one and she was showing examples of the pattern. Guess what? they were not all matched up either. i thought if she could show them on tv, then i could be happy with mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrs. fitz
    Ten foot rule and galloping horse rule -- I think they're the same as the man in a plane rule. My MIL, who died long before I met my husband, used to say a man flying over in a plane would never notice something that's not perfect. Neither would someone on a galloping horse, or someone standing ten feet away.
    I use a 'peep hole' to look thru at my QIP on my design wall and that gives me a better view of what it really looks like because I'm in a 8x10 room. That puts it farther away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amandasgramma
    I have a tendency to be hard on myself, too. Went to a quilt show last summer and was shocked what people put up for display!!!! I'm going to display mine NEXT summer AND put some up for sale!!!!
    I too, am hard on what I do. Especially if I want to give it to some one not family. The last wall quilt still has a few issues and I will not give it away to the hospital until I am satisfied that it is the best the 'I CAN DO'.

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    This ,make me laugh as I too are a perfectionist as I make Bridal Gowns for people all over the word.

    When my husband and I got married many years ago my Dad and my husband wallpapered our kitchen in our soon to be apartment. I left as my Mom called and asked me to get her something at the store. When I arrived there was a surprise bridal shower for me, so i did not return to the apartment to help finish the wallpapering.

    We got married and the first Sunday we were doing the dishes and I looked at the corner of the room and said to my Husband,Oh my god there is a whole strip of wallpaper upside down. He just laughed and said" your Dad said it was the last piece of wallpaper and he was not going to have us but another role to finish it so he lined everything up and said no one would ever see it. My new husband said to him,I know know my bride and she will certainly see it. This month 44 years later he still know how I am. I don't know if the land lord ever saw it.

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    my saying is "If ya looking that hard, ya looking to buy and I'm not selling" but then again I use that saying on everything I find that is not perfect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DebraK
    Quote Originally Posted by kathy
    well I'm planning to take a few of mine to a very big flea market next month, I hope I have such luck!
    I hope you are not disappointed at the flea market. People are always looking for a good deal and don't understand what you are selling. I wish you the best of luck. I wish I could see what you are selling ;-)
    here ,here, exactly the same in GB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stefanib123
    I was driving along the road, and passed a yard sale/flea market type place and there was a booth set up with quilts. Needless to say, I did a u-turn and went back. One of the quilts was outstanding from the road, it was an appliqued nine patch with coal miners on it. Done in all white and black. This is the coal capital so, anything with coal mining is huge.

    Lots of people were buying her quilts anywhere from $150-400. She had several that were panels with borders added, one was the footprints panel I'm working on.

    Once I got to looking at them close, the machine applique wasn't very good at all. They looked about like mine! I've been very aggravated over my machine applique, feeling like it's terrible, etc.

    None of the people noticed any imperfections at all. They were going crazy over them, and I overheard several people make comments like "hand made quilts are the best, thats all I ever buy, etc" .

    So, maybe , I've been being too hard on myself? Maybe it IS ok that my quilts aren't perfect? If people are happy to pay money for quilts that are about the same skill level as mine, then I must not be too bad, huh?

    It really made me think. I don't think any of those people would have cared if the seller HAD pointed out the imperfections. I think they would have loved the quilts, just the same. It was the "handmade-ness" that was so special to them, not whether the seams matched or the stitches were off.
    thank you i been worrying about a quilt i doing for the church hope i can get it done they only gave me a month to make one but i am slow and i was worry about it being perfect maybe it will go well weather it perfect or not it make me a little ease reading this thank you they are going to raffle it off

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