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Thread: I need help with a Binding Question

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    Junior Member krisgray's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    I like bringing the backing to the front as binding because I only have to take the quilt through the machine once (I sew it down on the front with either a straight stitch close to the edge or a decorative stitch). This is what I do after wrestling with larger quilts and binding strips in the past. Try them both and see what you prefer. I use Better Homes & Garden Complete Guide to Quilting as it gives about 3 methods. The first response to your query is something new I will have to try as it's a bit different than what I've done from the book. Always something new here...

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    Senior Member batikmystique's Avatar
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    Yes, I agree...thanks, bigsister63! Also, unless you already have a binding tool, I would suggest the one from Fons & Porter. It's easy to use and my binding strips always meet perfectly. :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by bigsister63 View Post
    There a 2 ways you can do binding. If you want your binding to be the same as your backing then you can cut this extra fabric to 2", press fabric in half, fold it over sandwich and then stitch to the front. If you do not want the binding the same then you need to trim the all layers including backing even. Then cut 2 1/2" strips fold in half and attach to the sandwich. It can be attached to front if you want to hand stitch binding down or to back if you wan to machine stitch binding down. There are many good tuts on attaching binding. do a search on thise board oro the internet and you will find many. Good luck!!!!
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    Mar 2012
    Southeast Georgia
    I personally prefer a separate binding piece, but that's just me. Many people like just turning a piece of the backing over and sewing it down. In the end, it is what YOU like. After all, it's your quilt. Do whichever method you think looks best.

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    Southern Ky
    I cut my backing so that it is just an inch or so wider than my quilt after I have it quilted. I then turn it to the front and sew it down. Looks fine to me that way but then I only quilt for family.

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    Senior Member captlynhall's Avatar
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    Apr 2012
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    On some of my grandmother's quilts, she turned the back to the front and bound it that way. However, those bindings have worn and and in some cases have areas of fabric missing. On others she used the double french method and they have held up much better. With that said, I use the french method to bind. I finish by hand because it makes such a beautiful binding. Too much work getting to that point for me to not finish off the best way I can. I actually enjoy binding. To me it is like putting the icing on the cake.
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    Senior Member ctipton's Avatar
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    Member PsycheB's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Either way you want to do it I'm sure will look great. If you want to learn to do it with a different fabric, this video really helped me. My binding has come out really well every time (to my own amazement!). Try a practice piece first though.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buCKs-Fgvb4 (not sure if you'll have to copy/paste or if this will be a link...)
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    Senior Member be a quilter's Avatar
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    I would suggest you read all the advice here and then watch U Tube videos on the different techniques and do which ever one you are the most comfortable with. There are many different ways to do things, it is just a matter of finding which one works for you. Also, which ever one you choose, watch it several times, take notes and go back and watch it again if you are unsure. It is not as hard as it appears, it is just new to you.

    Happy quilting!!!

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    Super Member Deborahlees's Avatar
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    I would recommend cuting backing even with top, especially for your first one. I cut ALL my binding across the grain, only time I use bias is for curves (like a round potholder). I cut mine 2-1/2" wide and fold in half with raw edges together, this will give you double binding on the edge were it will fold over the quilt, I believe this is called a french binding. A lot of the "older quilts" were done with the binding raw edges folded to the middle, which worked great except it only gave you a single thickness in the middle where you need the strength. IMHO
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    Super Member sandyl's Avatar
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    krisgray, how wide do you trim your backing in order to turn it to the front for the binding? I'm doing a wall hanging and it seems just silly to cut this much fabric off and then sew it back on again. TWICE.

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    Jan 2012
    Well, I have done lots of bindings and I just learned the 'right' name for the method I use!! too funny! I french fold! ha ha. I use bias and straight, depending on what I know about how much use the quilt will get, and how I feel! ;0)

    I too have several old quillt where the binding *is* the backing, and they have not worn well. I mean, my grandmother 'old'. Even her quilts with separate bindings have worn along that edge.

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