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I really want this machine...but can I justify the expense?  Help! >

I really want this machine...but can I justify the expense? Help!

I really want this machine...but can I justify the expense? Help!

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Default I really want this machine...but can I justify the expense? Help!

I have a very old Kenmore machine for which I paid $50 at the outlet store...in 1978.
It's been great. It's electric, zig zags, I have *all* the fancy feet. But the motor is giving out.

Time for a new machine. I had no idea how much new machines cost, or what they could do. Oh my!
Long story short, I've fallen in love with the Baby Lock Crescendo. It does everything but vacuum!
For $4500.

I'm struggling. How do I justify such a fancy/costly machine???

I make quilts to give to relatives, sew clothes for the grandchildren, sew Halloween, ballet, and gymnastics costumes, alter my rtw clothes, mend, hem.

I'd started out looking Bernina's...too costly for what you get. I'm pretty frugal. I'd rather have a lesser machine and get more attachments/bells & whistles. I don't need top of the line. But I do love my gadgets!

I then looked at the Symphony, but realized that the Aria had an 11.25" harp space. To die for!!!!

I realized that by the time I bought the Mu-Vit foot for the Aria (their new dual feed foot) the difference in price between the Aria and the Crescendo was only about $600. And I really was attracted to that laser light, and the cool electronic pen.

This will probably be the last sewing machine that I buy. I'm 64, and hoping to retire in two years. If not now, when? I've always been frugal, have always gone without. It's time that I buy something nice for myself. I have the cash to pay for this, so I won't be financing it.

So....what do you guys think? Is this a good purchase? Will I be happy with it? How do I justify that expensive of a machine for the kind of sewing that I do? Or will I regret that I spent that much money on a sewing machine? The difference in cost between the Symphony and the Crescendo would buy a lot of fabric.

Help me sort this out!
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Old 03-30-2015, 07:27 AM
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You need to write a list of what you NEED vs what you WANT. I bought my Bernina in the mid 90s new costing me $1,000. I STILL am quilting on it. I hope and pray that it outlast me because I couldn't afford to pay $4,000 for a DSM unless it also automatically cut and pieced the fabric too!
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I bought my Bernina for 2 reasons : 1/ location of the sales and service - I wouldn't have to drive all over the county; and i knew they took real good care of my old Elna(28 yrs old) and 2/ someone said to me that is something your DIL won't want when you pass!
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IMO, there are only two questions.

1) Do you want it?
2) Can you afford it?

If the answer to both questions is yes, then why do you need to "justify" it? I'm really not sure why we feel the need to justify an occasional extravagance. Especially if you expect this to be your last machine, and you're sewing with something that is serviceable but not "fun" ... if you can afford it and it won't cause you to skip lunch for the next two years, just buy it!

As for the machine itself, I have the Brother DreamCreator VM5100, the "little sister" to the DreamWeaver machine (the Crescendo equivalent) in the Brother line. I LOVE it. They'll have to pry it from my cold, dead hands. I do wish I'd gone with the DW for the cool laser and pen, but overall, I just adore my machine. You will not be disappointed, and for $4500, that's a good price for the machine. When I purchased in March last year, the DW was $5600, the DC was $4000.

Go for it!
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Life is short and there are no pockets in shrouds...... Buy the best machine you can afford - and enjoy it!
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First you do a LOT of sewing. Many of us (myself included) only do quilting. I don't do garment sewing anymore. Haven't made a costume in decades.

You sound like someone who gets a great deal of pleasure from all your sewing so that in itself is enough justification.

Plus you have never treated yourself and you have the cash. So I say go for it. It will most likely be the last sewing machine you ever have to buy.

As far as you delimma between the two models and the $600 difference. You have to ask yourself is the laser light and electronic pen really worth that much? and will you really use it? You are right that $600 will buy a whole lot of fabric. Only you can decide if those two extra gadgets are worth the extra expense. I think I would go for the fabric, but that is just me.
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Perhaps think about it in reverse and try to justify why you shouldn't get it. If you can truly afford it without putting yourself in a financial bind, why not? If you get the Symphony will you sit there using it wishing you had bought the Crescendo? You said you had the money for it so if you (or your family) aren't going to starve, you don't have to put your house up as collateral, or you don't have to sell a kidney - why not? Tell yourself - "Look, self, I earned the money I saved so I should spend it on what I want. I deserve it!"
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I don't know about where you would be getting the machine, but where I got any of my machines there was always a 5 year interest free loan. I got my fancy dancy machine and love it. I was about you age when I bought it.

Interesting, most of the men I know wouldn't even hesitate about upgrading their toys or getting new toys. Hmmm.
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Why not get exactly what you want?

When one goes on a trip or to a concert - the money is spent.

My Grandmma B was still sewing when she was in her 90s. Her technique then was no worse then than when she was younger.

Let's say you sewed until you were 80 - I know several people that do.

That is 16 more years.

$5000 divided by 16 = $312.50. That comes out to less than one dollar per day for what you really want.8i
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​Frankly my dear, you're worth it!
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