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I think I may have cut this all wrong- I think I still don't have a clue >

I think I may have cut this all wrong- I think I still don't have a clue

I think I may have cut this all wrong- I think I still don't have a clue

Old 03-05-2013, 08:47 AM
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Default I think I may have cut this all wrong- I think I still don't have a clue

I need clarification. DH is trying to tell me that there is ONE selvedge...I say there are 2. With this confusion, I think I've effectively cut my strips for my Blooming Nine all wrong...well, not "all wrong," but not correctly, which will (I'm pretty sure) mean that I'll be short (or not) when I get to cutting these all down. Not a huge-big-deal, because making more is easy enough, but I definitely need this clarified. I know, I made my other quilts just fine, but that's because I bought WAY more fabric than I needed, so I have no idea if I cut them wrong or not...but I had plenty of fabric left over, so who knows. Same here...I've got 'extra' fabric when I think I'm not supposed to have because these yardages were ordered closer to the actuals for the pattern than previously. Help!

When a pattern says "cut strips," are they meaning cut LENGTH of fabric or WIDTH of fabric? This one doesn't seem to clarify other than "if you need to cut 4 strips of say 2 1/2" each...start by cutting an 11" piece WOF" (effectively leaving 1" to square it up). I'm not sure if I did that wrong. Can someone put it in plainer english because I apparently don't understand regular english...LOL. Sorry.
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There are two selvedge edges. If you are cutting WOF, then you match A and B. The instructions have you first cut a piece of fabric that will be an easy size to handle (11" WOF), and from that you cut 4 strips that are 2-1/2 inches wide.

So, I think you have done it correctly.

Your husband is wrong. Fabric comes from the manufacturer with a selvedge edge on each side. This is to prevent fabric from raveling (and also provides an area for manufacturer information, if provided).

Usually the pattern assumes you will be cutting strips WOF (folded selvedge to selvedge) and will tell you specifically to cut LOF only if that is necessary. Borders, for example, are often cut first LOF in order to keep them in one solid piece.

Even if you have cut some of the fabric in the wrong direction first, you may still have enough fabric. It all depends on the specific pieces you need.

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You're right, and your DH is wrong! There are two selvedges, and you marked them right. Folding selvedge to selvedge would be an A-to-B fold on your diagram. If you fold the fabric so that the selvedges line up all the way down the fabric, this will straighten the grain for your WOF cuts (so the cut ends at C & D will likely be uneven, initially).

Accordian style, I would think, would mean folding it C to D but in stacked pleats, sort of like a folding fan. Maybe even a A-to-B fold first? Depends on if it's for storage or for cutting, probably. I'm not as positive on that one and it probably depends on context, but that's what I would assume if someone told ME to fold it that way.
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A and B are both selvages. The selvages are approx an inch wide and more tightly woven than the rest of the fabric. If the fabric was cut off the bolt (not a fat quarter etc.) there are 2 selvages. Hope this helps. If you need more help I'll include photos.
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I agree, hubby is wrong. There are two selvedges.

Having said that, I have been known on occasion to use the bottom selvedge, the one that isn't white, in a quilt. The edges end up in the seam allowance and you can't tell. The only reason I can think of why you might not want to do this is because the weave is a little thicker and stiffer there, and it might cause a longarmer problems. However, I quilt my own and haven't had a problem yet.
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There are two selvages. Think about the process of making the fabric, the weaving of threads has to go from one side to the other ... thus 2 selvages. Only one selvage has identifying manufacturer information.
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There are two selvages one on each side! Most would be cut WOF fabric folded in half unless stated otherwise. At least this is what I have found with most patterns.
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Yes there are 2 salvages and they are to keep the fabric from raveling. That said I do not think it makes any difference which way you cut the fabric. Probably the most common way is to put salvages together and then cut WOF. The main reason for this maybe that it is easier to fold fabric salvage to salvage than a very long length of fabric end to end.. If you think about it your blocks are turned everyway when sewing them together. Also it may make a difference if you have a directional pattern Many people use lenght of fabric for the borders to keep them from stretching.
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Thank you so much! I guess I'll be ok then, since the strips I cut (incorrectly) LOF are simply going to be too long, and their corresponding pieces (which were cut WOF) are the right size. So lobbing them off to meet the proper WOF ones should be ok. I've got strips that are 44" and strips that are...Oh, wait, CRAP! My LOF ones are NOT too long, they're too short (Each piece of fabric was a yard long)! CRAPCRAPCRAP!
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Okay, I think I see what is confusing your husband. ONE selvage will be white or light anyway and will have manufacturing info on it, as you said. The opposite selvage quite often is printed exactly like the fabric itself, so no white. But it's easy to tell since there is NOT a raw edge.
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