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Thread: International Round Robin, 4 groups full, closed to new members

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    Quote Originally Posted by SazuBMidlands
    Thanks for all the words of encouragement. It really helps.

    I've spent the evening with my colouring pencils and graph paper, and have 2 possible designs, both variations on the same thing. I think I prefer the more complex version of the 2. I've started cutting the fabric now, and really looking forward to watching it take form.

    And if it goes wrong then theres time to start over...
    Suzy - thats how I started out, graph paper and pencils....look forward to seeing how your centre block turns out... :D

    Hows the weather doing from a former Manchester girl....not to far from you!! :D

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    Sazu, don't worry overmuch about the center. Just make sure it pleases YOU. There are all levels of experience signed up for these, so everyone's centers and finished quilts will be quite different! I think that is what makes it fun!

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    Everyones quilts will be unique and truly something special we can all treasure. Went to my sewing club today and the girls there thought what a super idea it was, think they were quite jealous they were not in on the fun.. :D


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    These are the rules for the IRR - this is a bump :D for we who forget!

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    Thanks for the info. This time I printed it out so I will have it up on my buttetin board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jstitch
    Quilting Board International Round Robin

    1. First and foremost, do the best work you can. Others will be adding to your quilt and you want them to do their best for you.
    2. Use good quality, 100% cotton fabrics
    3. Prewash all your fabrics. Since we will all be adding fabric from different locales, we don’t know the shrinkage rate as compared to our own, so, whether you usually preshrink or not, please do so for this project.
    4. Stay on target for mailing your work on to the next participant. If something happens in your life that impacts your ability to complete on time, contact both the person you are to mail to and the leader of the group.
    5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help…If you are experiencing a mental block or a problem with your task, find help. Ask a friend, post a message, or any other way you want to get a little idea or input. If your not sure about a color match, ask for an opinion. This is supposed to be fun.
    6. Use any technique that you feel competent in. ie.. machine or hand pieced, machine or hand appliqué, paper piecing, broderie perse, etc…
    7. Remember, not all rounds must be complex to add to the overall look of the piece. Sometimes a plain border is what is called for.
    8. Your round can be made of one or more borders as long as your finished border equals the called for measurement. Ex. If you are working on a nine inch border, it could be 7 inch pieced border surrounded by two 1 inch solid borders.

    1. Try to look at the work as it comes to you and determine what you can do within your abilities to add to the complete whole.
    2. Try to match colors….don’t add something from your stash if it doesn’t look right in the quilt
    3. Don’t try a new technique that you are not confident you can pull off. This is not the time to experiment. The complexity of the project comes from the addition of everyone’s abilities and techniques added together.
    4. You may send fabric used to create your center block if you feel it will help the others to add to your quilt, but be considerate. The postage to send along your fabric from person to person will cost. Don’t send solids, marbles, etc. that can be purchased elsewhere. I am thinking of things like a floral or print that you used that might be local or no longer available to the others. Part of the charm of this project is the additions the others add that might be unique to their locale.
    5. I will leave it up to you if you want to post interim pictures as well as if you want to look at them. Some might want to wait until the end to see their quilts. So I am suggesting that we all use the title of “International Round Robin Pics, xxxx round”.

    All measurements are finished, so be sure to add your seam allowances to all.

    First round:
    Mail date: November 1, 2008
    Size: 24 x 24 , finished

    Second round: I allowed extra time, due to the holidays
    Mail date: January 15, 2009
    Border Size: 3 inches , finished
    Finished Size: 30 inches

    Third round:
    Mail date: March 15, 2009
    Border Size: 6 inches , finished
    Finished Size: 42 inches

    Fourth round:
    Mail date: May 15, 2009
    Border Size: 7 inches, finished
    Finished Size: 56 inches

    Fifth round:
    Mail date: July 15, 2009
    Border Size: 8 inches, finished
    Finished Size: 72 inches

    Sixth round:
    Mail date: September 15, 2009
    Border Size: 9 inches, finished
    Finished Size: 90 inches
    Missi, these are the requirements

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