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Thread: Is Joannes and Hancocks considered

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    Super Member DA Mayer's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Stacyville Iowa
    I have been very lucky (not so for the store owners) in purchasing fabric from quilt shops that have gone out of business. I bought some of the fabric at 70% off. I have found some sites that sell their fabric at very discounted prices, and a local fabric shop has fat quarters on the last Fri of the month for 1.25, I try to stock up then, actually I buy lots. I am having so much fun doing swaps etc and meeting so many fun people.

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    Super Member GailG's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by sandpat
    Oh heck, I don't have any of those stores close to me so I have to buy online at "quilt shops" I am considering that to be quilt shop quality especially based on what I have to pay for it. I have seen some of the same stuff that I see on line at Walmart..so who knows???

    I play in the swaps to have fun, when that stops happening, I'll stop playing. I'm not a snob of any shape, form or fashion. You play nice with me and I'll play nice with you! :lol: When I want to seriously build my stash...I'll do my own shopping. :wink:
    Sandpat, I like your attitude. It's more about the swap than about the quality. If one wants a "quality" quilt, then one should go out and buy their own fabrics and make their own quilt. My opinion is that this swap is more in friendship and fun than in anything else. I try not to be a snob, especially since my resourses for fabrics locally is so limited. I haven't begun to shop online so that will probably be my next step.

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    Just a bit of info on the quality of fabrics for quilting. It is possible to find the same print on two different bolts. It the gray goods (the base fabric) isn't as good a quality then you could have a place selling a fabric at $7 and another at $5. Same print, different quality. Also, don't shy away from flat folds. Some times they are the ends of a very large manufacturer roll that has been left at the end of loading the balance onto 15 yd bolts for the stores. Those final 8 or 10 yd pieces are the same only sold in groups as flat fold and by the way they cost the shop owner the same price as the bolts. Often a distributor will have a 100 yard flat fold collection 6 yds of this or that 5 of something else, 10 0f 3 or 4 pieces. Anyway - same price as bolt, but you get the opportunity to purchase a whole collection so see if it sells before purchasing bolts of it.
    We wash 3 yards of every bolt and all of flat folds that we get in and if there are problems, we donate the fabric to a charity like dog beds for the local rescue or return it to the distributor. We refuse to sell problem fabrics. I have purchased really expensive quilt shop fabric and had it fade till the color is no longer acceptable. So always pre-wash! We had some xmas fabric that all the gold came off, put little black spots all over the fabric. We sent that back even though it was really pretty. It is much better to spend the time washing and ironing than to spend the time piecing only to discover on the first wash that everything runs or fades. Happy stitching.

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    the wash testing is a wonderful service to your customers. i hope they know and appreciate the extra care you take on their behalf. :P

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    The Finger Lakes of upstate NY
    As somebody else said, how would anyone know if it was from LQS or not? As long as it's 100% cotton, go by feel, then wash or not as required by a particular swap. The first quilt I made - well, finished - was of fabric purchased at Joann's. I didn't even know about LQS's then, lol. It's probably almost 15 years old, and is used a lot as it is in the family room. It's been washed a lot and only one of the fabrics has faded at all.

    Personally, I've been very lucky as far as bleeding. The only thing I've ever had bleeed was a Debbie Mumm Christmas fabric. Fortunately, I did do a test before using it. So much dye came out, I thought it'd be pink by the time I was done with it!

    Sometimes you'll find a swap that says something like, "beginners welcome." That'll help you to know that there's probably a little more leeway given in block quality - although you should always do your best. Everyone learned sometime, it's just that some folks have been learning longer than others. The ones who really think they know more than others probably don't know as much as they think!

    Pets - I am down to one cat, and he never climbs except to the windowsill. He gets brushed every day, so not a lot of hair around. That said, I still understand that some people would have to decline b/c of allergies. I have heard of remedies for smoke odor, but am not remembering what it is right now. Like some others, I really dislike that smell.

    It was interesting to run across this thread today. I just spent a few hours tidying up blocks from a swap 3 or 4 years ago. It's a Jacob's Ladder done in white and 30's repros. Not sure what made me participate, it's not a combination I love. I'm trying to expand my horizons, so to speak, so bought some 30's fats and wanted a scrappy look. Anyhow, four of my blocks were returned for a flipped seam and one b/c I'd flipped a corner 4-patch. Honestly, if I get blocks w/ a flipped seam, I just fix them, no big deal. The flipped 4-patch, however, I have to admit was a no-no. Well, they're all fixed now and later today I'll be working on laying them out. Two of them did have an interesting hair or two on them, lol, not from a dog or cat...

    I haven't yet participated in a swap here, but do occasionally look at them. Just haven't wanted to commit yet. The last time I made a commitment to swap, I was the one who fell through. Good reasons and all, and everyone was very kind about it, but it left me feeling awful! After the problems that caused me to drop out settled down, I offered to send my blocks, although they would have been very late - or fabrics in their place. I'd already purchased much of the fabric needed for the blocks I was to send, and some of them were not anything I'd use myself (not my colors). Only one person responded to me, which made me feel like they were upset with me. No swaps since then!

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    Super Member GailG's Avatar
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    May 2008
    Please excuse my ignorance. The swaps that are being discussed -- who initiates them.? Are specific blocks called for? What's the deal?

    I took part in a block swap for my very first quilt. Didn't know what i was doing and no one told me any better. They all gratiously accepted my blocks. There were 13 of us in the swap. So I made 2 extra blocks and included 3 of my "dumb" blocks in my own quilt. I still blush when I look at those blocks. :oops: :lol:

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    Super Member mimisharon's Avatar
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    Jacksonville, North Carolina
    Quote Originally Posted by PatriceJ
    personally, i don't participate in swaps anymore. i got tired of reading the snide remarks posted by people who'd gotten trades they didn't deem good enough for their precious piles. i was also outraged to find out that at least one member was expelled from a swap because her fabrics and blocks weren't considered "good enough" by one or more of the others.

    when someone insists they'll only swap for "shop quality" fabric, what they're really saying is: "i paid a ridiculous amount of money for mine, so don't send me anything that isn't equally outrageously expensive."
    it's a country club mentality. it excludes and seperates those who are not fortunate enough to be able to afford to shop in "the shops". it hurts feelings and makes perfectly worthy people feel inferior.

    i've said this before and will say it again and again and again: price and source are NOT proof of quality.

    most of the fabric in the quilting section at hancock's looks and feels like the fabrics i've seen in shops at much higher prices. yet there are some who won't buy one square inch of it.

    most of the fabric i've seen in joann's leaves me cold. yet there are some who absolutely love joann's fabrics.

    a small percentage of the fabrics at our local walmart are just as nice as some i've seen in "the shops".

    the only fabrics from my stash that have ever bled in the wash have come from shops - with prices starting at $9.99 per yard. some have shrunk, too. a friend of mine paid top dollar for a shop fabric that's so cheesy, i recommended she put a layer of muslin under it for stability.

    i received two name brand fabrics that had starting prices of $9.99 per yard. if i hadn't gotten them for a rock-bottom closeout price, i'd have sent them straight back - that's how thin and flimsy they are. if i'd seen them first in person, i wouldn't have paid a dollar for either.

    while i'll admit there are other "issues" with walmart fabrics, not one has ever bled on me, and only one has ever shrunk. (not counting the stuff that starts at a dollar a yard. you never know what's going to happen when that goes into the wash.)

    no matter what you get, you'd find a line of people who love it ... and another who will turn up their noses in contempt.

    buy what YOU like and what YOU can afford. don't worry about anybody else's opinion.
    I support my friend Patrice's words with my deed of not swapping anymore either. I loved the fabrics I got from the first few swaps I was in, but I pulled out of a swap because of the HURT issue. I personally don't care where a fabric comes from, how much it cost, or how well it's cut, it's the FRIENDSHIPS and the people that I treasure. If a person doesn't feel their down here on a level of quilting with everyone, experienced or new quilter, then they shouldn't begin a swap! I would suggest rather than hurting ANYONE's feelings or causing rifts and problems, you make your own quilts and that way you are never disappointed or disapproving.

    I know of some folks that have left our group for the 'snob factor,' I know of some folks that have left our group for the hurt and painful things said. I will bite my tongue out before I ever let my fingers do the painful things that others seem to feel is their right. To bad the judgin' folk have never had a person put them in their place, IF they could take it. They feel it's their right to be the judge and jury of everyone else's weaknesses rather than searching their own work. Some of the self named experts have posted some pretty questionable work in pictures, but I would never ever discourage anyone's attempt at a very exacting craft.

    Last week, as a matter of fact, my favorite LQS received two boxes of quilt tops and backing fabric from a young lady's grandmother's estate. They were made in the fashion of cool blocks, triangle squares, etc, but they were made with fabrics that had been used, worn, or from other torn quilts. We could have tossed them just from the smell factor, the musty smell was horrific. But I brought them all home and hung them on the line for several days. They are all neatly folded and waiting to have batting cut and be machine quilted now. That lady made them for the military and by gum, that's where they'll go!

    How badly do you think that granddaughter would have felt if we'd given her the 'snob shop' attitude? How would the three brand new quilters that were in the shop have felt? Do you think they would have shopped there again? Asked questions? Tried anything to do with quilting? I don't think so either.

    Just never wonder if you're going to get negative feedback from me, it "ain't" gonna happen. Self discipline is my middle name because my mother taught me manners and never approved me as a judge. She'd have tanned my backside if she thought I even tried that!

    Sharon D

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    Power Poster littlehud's Avatar
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    Thanks for the vote of support for those of us that do not always buy from our LQS. I buy what I can afford and what calls me.

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    Columbus, Ohio
    What the heck, I guess I'll throw my 2 cents in!! I've only been involved in one swap, the Valentine swap this year. I went to Joann's and didn't see anything I would want so I went to my LQS. But if Joann's would have had something good enough for my own work, (which is still beginner level), I would consider it good enough for others. I did get some yardage for a friend at Wally World, but it seemed to be of pretty good quality. I may not know enough, however, to be able to pick out true quality :lol: :lol: :lol: The fabric was fun, I liked it well enough to feel a twinge when I sent it away, and I felt it was something my friends would like to have in their stash. Enough said.

    As far as the allergies go, I don't have any. Lucky me!! and I'm an ex-smoker, but others do still smoke in my house on occassion. The cat allergies are to the protein in their saliva that sticks to their hair and their dander. No getting it out of your house if there is a cat inside. And it might be a apain for a swap coordinator to match no-cat households,so I can understand why you don't participate. If you wash it immediately are the allergies so bad still??

    I like to participate, but am of the don't look a gift horse mentality. I do it because its fun and I get to connect with other quilters :D :D :D

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    Senior Member patty48's Avatar
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    Okay, I wasn't going to offer my two cents.....but

    My mother always told me that:

    a) a gift should always come from the heart

    b) anyone who belittles someone or says mean things to others do it because they don't feel well about themselves, are jealous, or are trying to cover up their own shortcomings

    c) be polite, accept with a smile and genuine thanks (refer to (a) it came from their heart)

    We don't have a Hancock's or a Joanne's....lucky some of you girls do. My nearest Walmart that sells fabric is 45 minutes away. I do make trips to Odensburg to Joanne's. I love to feel fabric and if I like the feel, I buy it (I only insist that it's 100% cotton). I don't care if I've paid 3.99 or 21.99 (yes I've bought 21.99 fabric).

    I also started going to thirft shops here in town getting plaid shirts and corduroy (only 100% - no spandex) that are well loved and in good shape. Hubby doesn't know it, but he's getting a "Hunt Camp" quilt for father's day. I won't feel bad if it's up at the hunt camp, dragged around, rolled up, etc......By the way, he does have a nice Attic Window Motorcycle quilt for home.

    I can't comment on the allergy/asthma conditions. I don't have any, but we have a very loved, old dog, a rescued cat (needs a name) and a hairless skinny pig (daughter keeps picking animals up LOL). I do however appreciate that these conditions can be life threatening. So if and when someone is looking for fabric (be it scraps, or yardage) please let me know in advance about any allergies and I will make sure that I don't participate.

    I took up quilting for many reasons, first and foremost, it was for the friendships that could develop, and the fun that could be had. Right now we are four very different women, all in different life situations, who met in a quilt class and the laughs, groans, and "problem solving of the world" keeps us going and sane in this whacky world. We laugh together, cry together, help each other out whether with quilting or life, we always know that we will be there for one another, no matter what.

    It seems that this board is the same. I've read about illness, lay-offs, and sound offs, and from the replies posted, everyone seems to support each other. What a great bunch........

    There's my two cents (well, maybe 50!!!)

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