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Thread: Juki TL 2010q Free Motion Settings

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    Juki TL 2010q Free Motion Settings

    I am in the process of learning how to Free Motion Quilt on a Juki TL-2010q (no previous FMQ experience). Part of this learning process in figuring out the best settings to use. I know a lot is based on personal preference, but I would appreciate your help in narrowing down the possibilities a bit.

    For instance, what top thread tension do you prefer? Feed dogs down? Presser foot tension set to zero? Other settings that I haven't even thought of?

    I have watched several settings videos online, but they use the settings for their brand of machine, and I have not seen any settings specific to the Juki TL 2010q.

    Thanks in advance for the kind benefit of your advice!

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    I don't change any settings when FMQ on my Juki 2010Q. All I do is drop the feed dogs and put on the hopping foot. I prefer the foot with the smaller ring.

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    There's a presser foot tension indicator on the front of the machine. It should be set at the top blue line for free-motion. When the hopping foot gets frozen-up, it can be terribly noisy. If you're at the top setting, and the foot gets really noisy, the spring on the foot needs to be cleaned-up and re-oiled. Or, adjust the presser foot tension to a lower setting.

    Some of us like the feed dogs up and some of us like the feed dogs down. When they're up, it gives you a rhythm to work with.
    Annette in Utah

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    Central Ohio
    Hi, I have the same machine (love it!)
    I don't change the tension at all. I have it at zero and keep the feed dogs up. Oiling is essential and of course cleaning out the dust. I also use machinger's gloves and a slick surface, like a Supreme Slider, although I made my own with something else. It's a kids slider- can't think of what they're called!

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    I leave my feed dogs up and set the stitch length to zero and put my non-hopping fmq foot on and it's off!! I don't know how folks stand the hopping feet, the sound gives me a headache, personal preference I suppose lol

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    Go to Facebook groups and you will find a couple for the Juki 2010q. You will get a world of info.

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    Rosemere, Quebec, Canada
    Hi Lady! You can start off by following the very basic quilting instructions in the manual. Do a few test pieces, check your tension, adjust if necessary.

    Try different threads and needle sizes. Try quilting with the feed dogs up. Then try quilting with two layers of batting, always on test pieces.

    Go slower rather than faster ...

    All of this will help you to "know" your machine, and feel confident.

    I don't really believe in "specific" settings, at least not for this machine. There are so many variables.

    Let us know how you're getting along.

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    Thanks everyone! I am new to quilting and to using the Juki for quilting (got it for sewing curtains originally). I have LOTS of practice ahead of me, but just having good information on where to get started really helps!

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    I also do my fmq on Juki, at first I was lowering feed dogs and setting stitch at zero, now I leave the feed dogs up, stitch at 2.5, for me the most important is setting speed at low or comfortable speed that you can control stitch length. I keep 12 inch sandwiched squares near by, to test my stitching after each change of bobbin and to get comfortable with whatever FM pattern I am quilting, and I the presser foot is adjusted, 'the blue line' is all the way up, and oil, oil and clean

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