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Layering fabrics for turning

Layering fabrics for turning

Old 02-22-2015, 07:04 AM
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Default Layering fabrics for turning

I am ready to put together the layers for a very small quilt for my granddaughter. Since it is small (maybe 20x25) I thought of doing it envelope style (am not even sure that is the word I need....lol). The quilt will have the standard top, bottom and batting, but an outside ruffle too. The problem is I can't make my poor mind see how the layers need to be for sewing and then turning rightside out! I've tried once and was wrong, so I would rather not have to rip it all out again. Common sense tells me that the fabrics need to be right sides together, but where do the ruffles and batting fit into this? TIA for any help here!
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Eleanor Burns of Quilt In A Day is the Queen of this method. look for tutorials on this online. There should be plenty. a ruffle i would think should be placed on the top fabric edge, facing inward. then the backing and batting. sew, leaving an opening, then turn. good luck
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You will probably find it easier if you baste the ruffle to the quilt top matching raw edges, then layer the backing (right sides together), then batting. As nativetexan mentioned, be sure to leave an opening for turning.
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Common terms for this are birthing the quilt or the pillow case method.
Lay the top down, right side up. then the ruffle the ruffle is placed so the raw edge matches the raw edge of the top, so the ruffle points in. It is a very good idea to stitch the ruffle down with a 1/4" seam all the way around and deal with matching the 2 ends. Next put the backing, right side down (so the right sides of the top & backing face each other with the ruffle between. Now smooth the batting over the top. Sew with the batting down, on the same seam line you used for the ruffle leaving a gap to turn it.
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I always pinned the ruffle to the finished top first. Have the ruffle finished edge face towards the center of the quilt. Baste stitch it to the quilt top. Then lay the quilt on top of the backing (right sides facing) and batting (on bottom). I pin around the edges after making sure all three layers are smooth. Stitch around the edges of the quilt sandwich just like birthing. I always like to put ruffles on girl quilts.

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Make sure to have enough ruffle at/in the corners so that after the quilt is turned right side out that the ruffle lays right.
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great info above. Please share a pic when it's done!
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I like to lay my batting down, smooth the quilt top on top (right side facing me) pin the ruffle around the quilt top edge (facing into the center) mark where I want my opening for turning and stitch around the perimeter just outside of my 1/4 inch seam allowance. I use regular size stitches because the ruffle needs to be secured to the quilt top so when you turn it they are attached correctly and since I will be hand stitching the opening closed, I want the ruffle to be secure.

Once the perimeter of the quilt top is sewn to the batt, I check to make sure everything looks good. I trim any extra batt away and loosely secure the ruffle down to the sandwich with a few safety pins if it is long enough to flip into the final edge stitching. I lay my backing(face down) on my prepared top and pin the edge well. I stitch around the edge of the sandwich leaving about 6 inches open for turning. I trim the corners if any extra fabric is there so I get nice corners when the sandwich is turned right side out.

I turn the sandwich right side out through the opening, remove the pins securing the ruffle and work on getting the sandwich all flat to quilt.

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