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Machine binding

Old 02-10-2020, 02:36 PM
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I sew binding to the back and pull to the front. For charity quilts that have no batting because fleece is being used on the back, to secure I use the Bernina blind hem foot with the needle position all the way to the right. The binding edge is secured with a neat straight stitch. I don't have to pin, glue, baste or wonderclip. However, I would not use this foot when using batting and a separate backing - too much shifting.
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Old 02-13-2020, 12:26 AM
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Thanks so much for the flange binding links. I will have to try this method. Just finished one yesterday: back first and wrap to the front. Then I used blanket stitch to hold it down. Worked fine. I'm going to try something more decorative next time.
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Old 02-21-2020, 02:28 PM
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Default Machine binding

A quilt teacher told me she always uses bias binding. I do this and it works well. Sew onto back first then front.
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Old 02-22-2020, 02:24 AM
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Lightbulb Machine binding using yarn as a guide...thanks!

Originally Posted by twhvlr View Post
Here are a couple of sites that explain how I do mine. You can actually feel the “ditch” from the front to be able to sew it accurately.



Vicki in Colorado

Thank you Vicki for sharing the binding links. The quilting digest machine binding method is so unique using the yarn as a stitch guide to catch the back on the quilt when sewing from the front. How did you like using this method?
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Old 02-24-2020, 05:31 AM
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I love using this method. I use it most of the time now and have gotten pretty quick at doing it. I can do a good sized quilt in just a couple of hours. I do usually sew the corners by hand but that is my preference. I love hand work but for some reason I hate sewing binding by hand so this has become a life saver.
Vicki on Colorado
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Old 02-24-2020, 02:00 PM
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The only machine sewn binding that I didn’t rip out or at least wanted to was when I used a decorative stitch. Otherwise never happy with them.
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Old 02-25-2020, 03:36 AM
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I think machine binding is tough to do. I know many people who do only machine binding, but I am confused about the corners. I still hand stitch binding to the back.
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Old 02-25-2020, 05:11 AM
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Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
The only machine binding I like is from QB tutorial by Charima. It is under Machine Binding with flange and you sew 2 different size strips together to make the binding, sew it to the back, fold the binding to the front and sew along the flange to finish it. If you match your thread colour to the backing fabric it matches right in.
I agree! Charisma's method of making a binding with flange is the only type of machine binding that I will use. By sewing in the ditch between binding and flange (and using a top thread that matches the flange, the stitches do not show on the front. The front of my quilt is what matters most to me.
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Old 02-25-2020, 05:35 AM
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Actually, for me, it depends on how my hands are feeling the day I start work on binding. I have arthritis and carpal tunnel to the extent I'm starting to experience tendon lock on a consistent enough basis that I have to check on the health of my hands before I make a final decision. Most of the time, I hand stitch on the back because even though my hands are relatively in the same position as if I were to machine stitch in the front and have to do all that pinning, I like the rhythm and motion of hand stitching, I find it extremely relaxing because I'm at the end of the quilt. I'll load up all my needles the night before I start binding by hand, then start in on it the next day, usually when I'm snuggled in bed watching TV.
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Default binding

I used to sew to the front first then do the back by hand it now bothers my shoulders to do hand work so I now sew on the back first and then do the front with my machine works for me
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