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Default Machine binding

I made a twin size flannel quilt for a kids charity quilt and want to sew the binding on by machine. I have tried both ways in the past and neither seems to look that great, although sewing to the back first is easier to maneuver for me. Which method works best for you - sew to the back first and then the front or sew to the front first and then the back?
Thanks for any advice.

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I tend to sew onto the front and flip over to the back as I usually would. then pin or clip and sew from front. I usually catch the corners well but sometimes hand stitch one if necessary
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I still have trouble machine sewing both sides. I machine sew the front and hand sew the back. Probably not what you wanted to hear!!
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I have never found a great machine binding method, or at least one that I am happy with. I always machine sew to front and hand sew to the back. Yes it takes forever but I'm happy with the results. I think if I ever choose to machine bind I'll bring to front so I can see how the stitches look. I've done samples and just can't get it to look right.
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I haven't been pleased with the results of my binding by machine until recently when a Valentine's project was due at my LQS so I was pinched for time. I sewed the binding onto the back, pressed to the front and lined up the binding edge exactly at the stitched line and stitched just inside the edge, probably 1/8". To my surprise, it turned out perfectly! In fact, when the projects were passed around the room, several members commented on the binding and asked how did I ever do it so well. Just had to share! P.S. I thoroughly enjoy the relaxation of hand binding but, as we all know, by machine is such a time saver!
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The only way I can bind by machine is to use a flange binding. In a word, the binding is two pieces of fabric, one if which creates a flange on the finished product. You sew to the back, bring it to the front, and stitch in the ditch between the flange and the binding proper, or stitch right on top of the flange. I use my ditch foot and stitch in the ditch.

some links

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Here are a couple of sites that explain how I do mine. You can actually feel the “ditch” from the front to be able to sew it accurately.



Vicki in Colorado
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Sew to the back and flip to the front. You will find the more you do the better you will get doing them by machine. My guild does quilts for the cancer centers and the machine binding are preferred as they hold up better in the commercial washers and dryers. Most people will not even examine the binding on your quilt as they are just so delighted that someone is giving them a gift from the heart, just do your best and it will be loved.
Peace, Brenda
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Originally Posted by SusieQOH View Post
I still have trouble machine sewing both sides. I machine sew the front and hand sew the back. Probably not what you wanted to hear!!
Thatís what I do on all my cotton quilts too. I like the look and I donít mind sitting and hand stitching.
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The only machine binding I like is from QB tutorial by Charima. It is under Machine Binding with flange and you sew 2 different size strips together to make the binding, sew it to the back, fold the binding to the front and sew along the flange to finish it. If you match your thread colour to the backing fabric it matches right in.
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