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Machine Help for a Beginner

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Question Machine Help for a Beginner

Hello Everyone! I am a new all of this. I would say I have basic sewing skills. However, I have an opportunity to purchase a used "like new" Husqvarna 500 for $220. I know that is a "vintage" machine so I'm wondering if it is worth it. I have seen a few Janome MC9000s for $500. When I searched on the internet to try to determine what would be a good machine that would last for many years would be, the answer changed several times. So....I thought I would ask the expert here for opinions and suggestions. Any and all help/advice would be immensely appreciated!
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I would try/test a used machine before buying it. Always.

"Like new" - it could still be a lemon.
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If you become a member of patternreview.com, you can look up posted user reviews of specific models to find out more about price paid, pros and cons of each machine, etc. It really helps. Do pay attention to date posted as that often is associated with price paid new. To get approximations of price used, you can do a search on eBay and click on “completed listings only” to find out whether a machine sold and, if so, for what price. Sold prices mean much more than asking prices.
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Recommend strongly you ask for a manual
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Awesome! Thank you!
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Be careful!! I bought a Viking Husq. computerized one several years ago. The feed dogs broke over a couple of years and no repair guys would touch it. They said it would cost more to fix it than it was worth. I offered to give it to them free to use for parts. No one wanted it... even for free!!

I did a little research and found that this was not unusual for Vikings. It sure cured me. I bought a mechanical heavy duty Singer from Walmart for about $100. I love it. Not fancy, but it does everything I need. I'm a little old lady who has been quilting for years and years!

That price sounds like it probably has some problems... Maybe unfixable ones. They cost much more new~!

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definitely try it out first and maybe check to see what to expect in future repairs from a sewing machine repair tech. I bought an older Janome (1980's) from a person in my guild that was downsizing and guaranteed it worked. Well, it did--for a day. Then the motor started smelling like it was burning up so took to repair shop and they told me parts were not available anymore. I worked out to leave the machine for parts with them and avoid the diagnostic charge. Since I didn't bother to plug it in and check it I felt like I couldn't get my $50 back.
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Do you have a sewing machine dealer or repair person near? My dealer sells and repairs and sometimes takes a trade in, services it and guarantees them for a year. I've bought several machines from him, the last one was a used Quilter's Pro Dream, which I love, but it was considerably more than the $200+, but have never regretted it. Personally though, I would stay away from the "new" Singers, actually wouldn't buy any Singer newer than late 70's, but this is my opinion.
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Huskys are great machine - BUT - you need to try it out. Take over a bit of cotton, something heavier (denim) and something slinky and give them a try. Sew straight, backstitch a bit and try a special stitch (even if just a zigzag). Bring a spool of your own thread with you and wind the bobbin. Not only watch and feel, but listen. Did it stitch ok? does the tension look ok and did it make any weird noises. If it did these things ok, then buy it. If they don't have the manual, google it yourself and print out the pages that have the threading info and the cleaning info.
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