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Thread: Is McTavishing appropriate for bed quilts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan View Post
    It really depends on the batting used for the stiffness when closely quilted. Some are more pliable than others but quilting distance is a personal choice.
    Babies are supposed to be in a sleep sack now with no covers or soft things that can cause suffocation. Makes you wonder how we all survived doesn't it? They also say that all babies should sleep only on their backs. I always placed mine on their tummy due to a personal tragedy in our family. My Grandmother had a difficult birth and could hear the baby choking on his back and was too weak to get up or call out and the baby died. Just goes to show you what the "experts" know.

    I do wonder today, both my kids slept on stomach and if they spit up they wouldn't choke on it. Just like we have so many bratty kids today because parents have been told a swat on the butt when they will not listen is going to ruin them for life. Educated idiots some of these people. And as the world is such a mess, I do feel many of the old ways were better.

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    I just want everyone to know I am exercising admirable restraint! About McTavishing, the topic of this thread, of course.

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    What in the world is "McTavishing?" I've never heard that expresson before.

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    I've done some really large-scale Mctavishing on bed quilts and LOVE the way it looks. The great thing about Mctavishing is that you can make it ANY size you want and it still looks fantastic and is fun to stitch too.

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    McTavishing is a style of FMQ named for Karen McTavish. Here's a link to her site:

    I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.

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    So true. I hail from Euroep but my babies were born in the USA. I always had my babies on their side.
    But yes it went from sleeping on tummy only to sleeping on the back only.

    Quote Originally Posted by mom-6 View Post
    I find it very interesting that now babies are only to sleep on their backs do they don't suffocate. When my bunch was little it was only sleep on their tummies so they don't choke. Hmmmm guess they're going to figure out a way for them to only sleep on their side next so they don't xxxxx????
    Anna Quilts

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    I don't really have anything to add about McTavishing, but do about babies and sleeping
    When I had my first, and really with most things, I tend to use what seems to work best, common sense-wise. I was taught at the hospital to put my son on his tummy. Seemed to me, when he spit up, if he wasn't watched like a hawk, there was a danger of inhaling it. I listened to what they said at the hospital, on the back was bad, and it just seemed to me, he was more comfortable on his side. So that's what I did, bunched a blanket up, or something, and propped him on his side. Oh my goodness, what would the expects now say about that!

    But, my Dad was notorius for rubbing whiskey on a baby's gums when they were teething too, and giving them a pickle, and all his kids got a glass of pop (in Ohio, soda in other places) before they went to bed.
    Point? It's in my dna, a rule breaker!
    You know that feeling when you've finished all your quilting projects and your studio is perfectly clean???? Me neither.

    It's not how fast you sew, it's how well you sew fast! Wait, I think that's supposed to be MOW!

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