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Now that I asked sewing room or sewing studio, I have another question >

Now that I asked sewing room or sewing studio, I have another question

Now that I asked sewing room or sewing studio, I have another question

Old 06-18-2015, 06:50 PM
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Default Now that I asked sewing room or sewing studio, I have another question

I know people that sew/quilt for a business has a name for said business. But I have met a few people (3), that even have their sewing/quilting named with a business type name. For instance one lady I know prefers to call it Savvy Scraps by ******. She makes and donates quilts to homeless shelters, quilts of Valor, 1 million pillowcases. She doesn't sell anything but prefers to have a label on the quilt with Savvy Scraps by ****** because she feels the recipients may understand a part of what she loves and hope it makes it more meaningful. Makes sense to me. The two other just thought it would be fun to have their quilt labels sound a bit more upscale. And if they ever decide to start sewing/quilting for a business, they had a name for it. I sort of like the making it more personnal and tell a little bit about the maker.

What's your guys opinions? We have honeybees and give the honey away. But we decided to name our set up "Our Beezness". I like puns.

I'm recovering from severe bronchitis so I've had some time to think about some (probably) strange things and see what others think
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Old 06-19-2015, 01:51 AM
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I hope you have a speedy recovery.
I also like puns so I think "our beezness" on my honey label would put a smile on my face every time I used it. The quilt label that says something about the maker is a nice idea too. I try and make a label for each quilt but sometimes i just don't get to it. One standardized label would be easier.
Splash of Coffee Designs would be mine :-)
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Old 06-19-2015, 02:10 AM
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I hope you too have a speedy recovery. Each one of us have to decided what we are comfortable at doing. I think it is an individual choice. I myself didn't put my name on QOV quilts because the majority of the quilts I make are for foster children and labels are not allowed.
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Old 06-19-2015, 03:25 AM
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LOL I thing your honey label cute and funny. Have you thought of one for your quilts?
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Since most of my quilts are charity quilts, and they have their own labels, I found a way to "label" mine. I have a very small cat icon on my sewing machine and somewhere on the quilt I find a inconspicuous place to put one before I sandwich and quilt
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Old 06-19-2015, 03:17 PM
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I love the "Our Beezness"

For a few years, I exchanged a shed for bank reconciliations. They had a string off 4 attached sheds, I used a shed to sew in, and reconciled their business's bank statement to quickbooks. She hated doing it & we both thought we had the better end of the deal.

I called it "The Sewing Shed"

Everytime someone asked me about a garment I had made myself and asked where I got it, I said "The Sewing Shed."
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Old 06-19-2015, 07:55 PM
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I think that many quilters now have blogs or some kind of online identity -- even if they aren't making money or selling anything, they may just maintain a blog in order to enter contests or give aways, or quilt alongs, etc.

And if you have a blog name, you may as well use it as a "brand" for your quilts, just for the fun of it. Mine is csQ -- cognitive surplus quilter. I have a small tag I insert on my projects with my csQ logo -- just marks it as my work. I often don't make the whole traditional quilt label on the back, since I document and photograph my quilts and keep the record on my blog, and I give the recipient of gift quilts a tag with the maker information, care directions, and web link.
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Old 06-20-2015, 03:41 AM
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I haven't done any labeling on quilts but years ago anything crafty I made had a calligraphy cardstock tag with "patty cake creations" on it.
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Old 06-20-2015, 06:09 AM
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I don't have any type of business but I've named my house "The Little House of Horrors on the Prairie." We live out on the prairie, and the house has become a money pit. But it's "home!"

I can't decide on a name for the kitchen, sometimes it's "The Wrinkled Stocking," (big time Last of the Summer Wine fan here) and sometimes it's "The Strumpet's Crumpets." (Angliophile, too!)
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I don't use a specific "signature" on my quilt labels, but do when I give a handmade gift to my kids/grandkids. Before wrapping in gift wrap or putting in a gift bag, I wrap the gift with tissue paper and secure it with an address label I print on the computer with "Nana's Boutique" on it. Their faces usually light up and they can't wait to open and see what I have come up with this time. LOL
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