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Outside the Box 'Quilt' Material

Outside the Box 'Quilt' Material

Old 03-08-2018, 08:23 PM
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Question Outside the Box 'Quilt' Material

Hello ladies! (and gents!)
I am Very new to quilting, and have only completed a few projects, making great strides every time.
My next project I would like to make a lap blanket for my Nascar obsessed husband. Something durable, as it might be outside or being used (and abused) by the dog. I wanted to make something themed for his favorite driver, however there aren't Any fabrics to be had with Brad Keselowski on them. I tried to make my own fabric, but the printing sites claimed copyright infringement.
Now my mother, who is not a quilter, wondered if I could use a one of the polyester flags as a top. But I didn't know how that would work and didn't know if anyone had any ideas or experience using something like that as a blanket, or piecing together a few smaller ones with other fabric in a more traditional quilt.
The only other 'fabric' that is available are beach towels, but I can't imagine how often I would need to wash them.

Any help would be lovely!

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Old 03-08-2018, 11:59 PM
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One idea would to do a Brad Keselowski T shirt quilt. You could use black and white checkered fabric for sashing. You could replicate the #2 yourself and use them as cornerstones. Can you find #2 or Keselowski bandanas? I'm not sure the flag fabric would make for a very soft lap quilt.
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Old 03-09-2018, 03:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Anniedeb View Post
One idea would to do a Brad Keselowski T shirt quilt. You could use black and white checkered fabric for sashing. You could replicate the #2 yourself and use them as cornerstones. Can you find #2 or Keselowski bandanas? I'm not sure the flag fabric would make for a very soft lap quilt.
That's a good idea. The flag fabric wouldn't make a very soft quilt and might be hard to work with. A t shirt would be great. Alternately, you could print fabric yourself to use. I haven't done it in a long time. I don't know how durable the images are on fabric you print yourself.
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How about using the Nascar fabric, black and white checkered "flag" looking fabric and then having several squares embroidered with Brad's name, the Number 2, etc. It can really be personalized with a pic of Brad if you digitize (or can pay to have it digitized). Lettering is easy for anyone that embroiders.
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What is the flag made of? You can post a link to the photo here; that is allowed. With a link we could go look at the listing and possibly determine if it could be used for a quilt. If it's plastic, it would be much more difficult. If it's a slippery polyester, it could work. Since you are not a very experienced quilter, you would really need advice to work successfully with non-cotton fabrics. Even t-shirts require some special handling when making them into a quilt.

Edit: Although commercial fabric printing places cannot print the fabric because of copyright restrictions, you could print it yourself at home. Just need some specially treated fabric and a printer that uses pigment-based ink (because it is water-insoluble).
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Thanks for all the ideas!
T-shirts are my next choice, but they get so darned expensive when you're buying a shirt just to disassemble it, and I don't really love the look of the t-shit quilts that family members have made. (I know, beggars shouldn't be choosers!)
Now I'm wondering if I could replicate this flag using appliqués on a generic flag-type pieced top? I'm not sure if I have the talent for appliqués, but in theory I'm capable.
Here's the flag that I was drawn to. It says it's a "premium polyester". I know it won't be soft. My first project I used satin from a bridesmaid dress, so I *think* I can manage working with polyester, if it would handle in a similar fashion.

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If you print the linked flag off onto a sheet of 1/4" graft paper enlarging it until you reach a 9"x15" copy, you can use that as the scaled copy making each 1/4" square equal 1" square for the finished pattern. That gives you a 36"x60" quilt. Using the 1" pattern and red, white and blue quilting material for the background you could machine applique the stars, the #2, and other features on. There are tons of tutorials on both scaling a pattern and machine applique techniques. Good luck and please post pictures as you go.
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You could find graphics you like online and print your own iron on transfers, then get some jersey fabric in the colors you want an create your own.
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Here's another neat memento for Brad K. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MILLER-LITE...EAAOSwwvZZQsIx

If Miller is still sponsoring him, you could use this as an accent. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Miller-Lite...gAAOSwWWxY-iaj

An interesting race car fabric - https://www.fabric.com/buy/0512274/t...2681148|pdv|c|

Etsy has some interesting NASCAR fabrics. https://www.etsy.com/market/nascar_fabric

If it were me, I would start with the flag as the center and just make sure you don't hit that polyester fabric with a hot iron. It WILL melt the fabric. Finger press anything, anywhere close to the flag. Put some applique large "2's" in several places on the quilt. You could even do an applique of Brad K's name as the header for the quilt. Maybe show Penske as the owner. This will be such a fun project. I look forward to seeing you make progress on this wonderful project. FYI..Kyle Busch is my guy, with young Ryan Blaney as my upcoming young lion.
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I told my husband last year that if they made Dale Earnhardt Jr fabric that I'd have a pillow case out of it to rest my weary little head on.....he's just the cutest thing alive ( outside of my husband). I think the NASCAR association missed the boat on the millions that fabric would bring in for them.
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