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Thread: Packing list for Paducah Quilt Show

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    Jun 2011

    Red face Packing list for Paducah Quilt Show

    Just wondering if anyone has a list made out as to what to take along on a bus trip down to the Paducah Quilt Show?

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    Super Member Scissor Queen's Avatar
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    Cash, comfy shoes, cash, clean unders, cash. Did I mention cash?

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    Water bottle carrier, backpack for all your goodies, small wallet size purse that goes across your chest to keep your hands free to touch all the goodies, comfy walking shoes, fully charged battery for your camera and cell , spare credit card just in case, plenty of spending cash, self addressed sticky addy labels for givaways, power bar/granola bar/snickers just in case you get the munches

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    Jul 2011
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    Lots of cash or zero balance credit card. I have been to Paducah 4x and love it. I went the first time and good shoes are of course an absolute must, as is a small digital camera. I like carrying a tote that is comfortable to carry around. Also I realized that it is best to have a list of what I want to buy. The second year I focused on brown fabric, the third year on batiks. The 4th year I wanted to buy some small lap size quilt packs. I also take some munchies for the bus trip and a good book, sometimes a small lap robe for keeping the chill off when I doze. Be sure and have a good attitude and a tactful mouth when discussing other people's quilts. They may be within listening distance !

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    All of the above .....

    Tote bag/wheelie bag (or buy one there).
    A sheet to spread across the bottom of the trunk of your car so your goodies don't get gunky
    Print ahead of time maps of all the places you want to visit - including restaurants
    Don't forget your AQS membership card (if you have one) for admission discounts
    Snacks and such for your hotel room
    May your stitches always be straight, your seams always lie flat, and your grain never be biased against you.


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    I like to take a list of what I would like to buy like notions, sewing machine accessories, new products that I have read about etc., but I also add in on my list what I can buy it for on-line or at LQS so I know if it's a good deal or not.
    Dressing in layers so you can take a light jacket off (or leave in bus/car) etc is also good. Don't count on being able to return to a previous booth to buy something unless it is not overly popular. I went last year, and my friend decided later on that she wanted a particular line of fat quarters we had seen in several places on Thursday, but by Saturday, no one had any left!
    ENJOY, I am envious, no quilt trip for me this year.

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    Ok, 5 of you have commented and not one of you mentioned the most important thing to bring........ME! Oh my gosh how I would love to go. Sew.....for all of you that get to go, please take the time to share what you saw with all of us that wish we could be with you and sharing in all the fun. Oh, and let us know what is new out there. Thanks in advance .

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    Comfy shoes. I think one of the best things I took with me was a backpack. I could put my purchases, snacks, bottled water inside and still have my hands free. I don't do well with totes, I end up achy. I also had a small passport-thingy that hung around my neck, it had my admission tickets, id, credit cards and cash inside.

    The post office sets up a booth right there at the show, so you can ship your goodies directly to your house. They're not there on Sunday, so if you need to ship, do it before then!

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    New York
    Someday I will get there! Been to Lancaster many times. How wonderful it would have been to have the PO Booth! A few things to think about for the comfort of others- Please wear your backpack on the front or side. I've been slammed many times by people who turned around quickly, forgetting they had a large backpack. I used to commute by train and this is a common problem. Please don't dart abruptly across someone's path, esp with a wheeled bag. I've suffered for many years with bad knees, and having to suddenly "brake" halfway through a step is excruciating. I now use a wheeled walker so I can sit as needed, and a cane to get into booths. I wear my backpack by 1 strap on the front so I can be as hands free as possible and protect my wallet. Don't forget to pack a small handy emergency kit- water, snack, pain reliever, extra meds, breath mints, batteries or chargers you might need, memory card, "spare" stash of money, etc. Bandaids- If you are stabbed by a staple you can't fondle fabric! Notepad- jot down where you saw something so you can find the booth later, or new friend's phone #, etc. A very good idea is to always carry an emergency card- list of important phone #s, medical problems, current meds, allergies, personal Dr info. Should you have a sudden health problem or accident this could save your life. It's so nice to go to shows with friends or relatives and have a "Show and Tell" of your loot! Have Fun!!!!!

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    Most important is my hubby....yup....my hubby. He will stand in lune holding 10 bolts if fabric while i stand there and chat. He carries most of my bags, and the camera. He is tall so hr can get pics over the top of us ladies. Plus its fun to watch him blush and giggle when ladies make comments to me like he isnt there about him. And all the other stuff, but no credit cards. We dont have those. Cash or debit only.

    I cant WAIT til April!

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