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yellowsnow55 09-14-2011 10:02 PM

What she said

Originally Posted by Buckeye Rose
I don't have one either....do my own FMQ on my domestic brother....it's hard, but can be done


MacThayer 09-14-2011 10:50 PM

No, I don't have a long arm quilter either. If I make a quilt that requires more than basic quilting, which I do on my Brother machine, then I send it out to a long arm quilter to be done. I'll often do that if I have a large quilt and it's for a gift. I consider it both a gift to myself, so I don't have to do it, and a gift for the person I'm giving the quilt to, because they'll have professional quilting on their quilt.

One of the things I'm just starting is the "Quilt as you Go" method by Penny Halgren. She has a whole series of DVD's that show you how to do it. In this method, you create each block for the quilt, and then put each block together in a "sandwich" with the batting and backing, and quilt it on the spot. When you're done, you'll have all the blocks for the quilt, and they will already be quilted. The genius part is showing you how to put them together into a whole quilt. Believe me, it doesn't seem like the batting is made up of "blocks", and it's just like a regular quilt. It's a whole lot easier because you're working on smaller pieces at a time, much easier to quilt than a big quilt under a small machine. Check it out. It might be just the ticket for you.

sewNso 09-14-2011 10:55 PM

i prefer to do FM mine on my janomee. roll it up from each side after it is basted with pins. and just do some till you get tired. nothing says you have to do the whole thing in one day.
got a frame and phaff machine to 'short arm'. but i prefer thru the janome. because with the phaff, i have to turn the rollers half way thru the quilt. not everyone has all the gismo's and gadgets. but it's nice to vent sometimes, isn't it?

QM 09-14-2011 11:44 PM

I don't have one and likely never will. We don't have the room, even if we had the money right handy. Besides that, most LAs require one to stand. I can't stand for long. I do my quilting on my Janome, although once in a while I get my guild sisters to LA a part of a quilt for me. (I prefer to do the borders myself.)

Yooper32 09-15-2011 02:26 AM

No mid or long arm here either, only wishful thinking.

crazythread 09-15-2011 02:48 AM

I don't have one either and probably never will. I love the feel of a hand quilted quilt over the flat stiffer feel of the machine quilting. The LAQ quilting is beautiful to look at but it just dosn't have that "I love you" feel of the hand quilting IMHO There may come a time when I won't be able to do my own hand quilting and then I may change my mind.

Quilt-Till-U-Wilt 09-15-2011 03:13 AM

I don't have one and it's for a good reason. I haven't even made myself practice quilting on my Janome yet.

Weenween 09-15-2011 03:15 AM

Originally Posted by Threads of Love
Am I the only one out here that doesn't have a quilting machine???? I make queen size quilts and have to quilt all by hand, which takes forever! I keep asking for a quilter but know in this small place I'll never get one.....oh boo whooo for me. Sorry just being jealous of all the beautiful work you all do.


scrappy2 09-15-2011 03:16 AM

No special quilting machine here just me & my Janome!

Tinabodina 09-15-2011 03:25 AM

No, you are not the only one. I am 60 years old and got my Avante' this year. Many years with a regular machine. DH told me he would have let me get one sooner but wanted to make sure my "quilting thing" wasn't a fad. DAHHHHH - remember he's only a man. ROLF

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