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Boo 01-20-2007 06:29 PM

mpeters, you are obviously a young quilter. Have no fear, you have plenty of time to catch up with us and the levels of wips, ufo's and pigs. Trust us, as your children and income grows, so will your obsession. :lol: The day will come that you walk out of a quilt shop and realize the purchases you just made were strickly a compulsion. There is no holiday gift, no baby on the way that needs a quilt, no promises made, this project is just because you were drawn to the fabric or pattern. Your day is coming, and we will just smile knowingly. :D

Yvonne 01-20-2007 09:20 PM

I remember my days of raising three little girls and teaching school. I finally gave up and put my sewing machine away and all my other crafts. I am so impressed that you are able to find a little time for yourself. Good for you! Keep at it. and I agree with Boo. This quilting just grows on you. I retired about 7 years ago and quilting has quickly become my obsession (my grandchildren are all too far away). Have fun with those little ones.

mpeters1200 01-21-2007 05:50 PM

Okay ladies (unless of course there are gentleman quilter's communicating here and therefore I apologize)....

I get the UFO's, the compulsion, the obsession. I see it with all of my friends. My friends are rather considerably older than I am, but I quilt with them and our friendship has more than blossomed it has multiplied. I understand complex quilting terms and know who the quilting police are, but what are PIGS and WIPS??

I believe I am lost in translation. :?:


Leslee 01-21-2007 06:10 PM

Melissa, I was totally lost on the terms, too! And then Fearless Leader Boo cleared it up for me. A WIP is a Work In Progress. And PIGS are Projects In Grocery Sacks!!!

PS: There are no quilt police...pass it on!!!

Boo 01-21-2007 06:17 PM

I love when I get the easy questions before someone else does. :lol: WIP=Work in Progress. PIGS are Projects in Grocery Sacks. Regarding the quilt police, I would stay clear of them. I have met a few in my life, but have soon discovered that they are just critical of everything, not just quilting. My Aunt Mary (not a quilter) would have fit the quilt police profile. She came to visit once and started dusting! If truth be known, I don't think the quilt police are actually quilters. :roll:

jfnancy 01-28-2007 03:57 AM

I have to finish a project before I start a new one. As I'm finishing my current project my mind is planning the next.

GayKennedy 01-28-2007 04:59 AM

I have:
3 UFOs that just need quilting.....one is actually on the frame and I'm waiting for more thread.
1 UFO that I started working on and then quit....(may get back to it)
3 WIPs but two of them are being done through a group and we are only doing so much each month.

I also LOVE the PIGS category but don't have any of those.....YET!! LOL

Neva Jones 01-28-2007 05:37 AM

I am trying to get all my UFF finshed I going to be moveing so try to get all done and use up farber so wont have to move it NEVA

zyxquilts 04-03-2007 10:59 PM

Oh my word!!! I missed this topic previously & have been laughing for the last few minutes as I read. Let's see here, I have a mini quilt top, hanging from a hanger on that doorknob over there, and underneath it are at least 5 blocks - 3 that were supposed to become either a small quilt or table runner, 2 orphans waiting for adoption. In the cabinet next to the TV, hmmm, along with fabric, there MUST be at least 6 quilt tops, maybe more, I refuse to get up & count them. :roll: There are 2 more tops piled on the coffee table, with various scraps & yardage. On the actual sewing table, my "Making Faces - Wistful Wanda" art quilt. She is at least stuck to some batting, but no backing yet because I need to quilt her first, then do some beading...then add the backing & binding. Oh yeah, there is also a wallhanging in that cabinet that actually only needs binding. My first quilt class, that I still attend, started me off with a sampler "quilt as you go". Never completed that, but do have those quilted blocks somewhere, at least the ones that didn't get made into pillows & given away. Second quilt made, Log Cabin using Eleanor Burns Quilt In a Day, well, I gave the top away to be completed & used as a fund raiser. Next Log Cabin quilt top is SOMEWHERE in my house...if I remember correctly it was cool, reds & blacks with gold metallic. But the first quilt I really f****hed, is hanging on my wall mounted quilt rack right now & I still love it. There are 24 blocks in an envelope on the front seat of my car, waiting to be mailed to my guild Swap-a-Block chair since I'm leaving on vacation Saturday for 2 weeks & will miss this month's meeting. And I KNOW there are more PIGS, UFOS & WIPS hanging around here somewhere! Just haven't dug out the machete to remake the trail to their locations! :lol:
May I refer back to the Quilters' Horoscope? (http://www.quiltingboard.com/posts/list/820.page) Find me under "Gemini" :wink:

I think I win 8)


PatriceJ 04-04-2007 02:07 AM


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