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imaquilter 04-04-2007 05:23 AM

Okay.......I don't know where all of mine fit in these categories but, I'll do my best.

UFO's: I have at least 8 tops that need to be quilted.

WIP's: a queen size made w/all Kansas Troubles fabrics, a bed size Stars Around the Garden, a small wallhanging w/half done binding & if they count here ....... over a dozen projects that I have done one or two steps or blocks on and then put back away.

PIGS: If I only count the ones I have all the fabric for already and not the ones in my head.............at my last count I had 113. Yes, one hundred thirteen.

Talk about obsession! And the sad thing is....I added another PIG yesterday after visiting the quilt store. Then, as I was leaving the quilt shop they received the new Nancy Halvorsen Christmas line. So, I told them I would be back today to pick up that fabric for yet, another PIG!


vicki reno 04-04-2007 05:33 AM

3 current projects --they are going to the mtns with me, maybe I can get something done on hem or horros even complete one. One cut out, one in progress--needs to be quilted, fabric for another--pink dogwood quilt, two from flea mkts that need to have the tops done. And like Patrice syas, don't count the ones in my head--No one can count that high I think--well..........maybe another quilter could LOL

ButtercreamCakeArtist 04-04-2007 08:34 AM

Originally Posted by Boo
I love when I get the easy questions before someone else does. :lol: WIP=Work in Progress. PIGS are Projects in Grocery Sacks. Regarding the quilt police, I would stay clear of them. I have met a few in my life, but have soon discovered that they are just critical of everything, not just quilting. My Aunt Mary (not a quilter) would have fit the quilt police profile. She came to visit once and started dusting! If truth be known, I don't think the quilt police are actually quilters. :roll:

OMG! so, quilting police is the same as a MIL! :lol: :D hahahaha!!!!
and when I think of the PIGS...I think Pigs In a Poke! It just comes to mind...I know ppl that call a bag a "poke"...my brain works in mysterious ways, or just works too much all together! ;)

Debbie Murry 04-04-2007 09:34 AM

I had to smile when I saw "Dropping the F-Word". I thought the f-word was what you say when you've cut 2 yards of your favorite fabric into 2 inch squares and then realizing it should have been 3 inch. I'm still laughing.

mpeters 04-04-2007 10:35 AM

Uncle, aunts, cousins. Heck family tree even. I think you got everybody....it would drive me crazy to have that much unf*****ed business. YIKES!!!

mpeters 04-04-2007 10:37 AM

That last one was for Sue. I didn't realize the thread kept going.......and going and going.

Yvonne 04-04-2007 10:38 AM

2 inch squares that should-a-been 3 inch squares are just new opportunities!

They say butchers make hamburger out of their miscuts, carpenters make sawdust out of theirs, quilters must just make alternate designs out of their miscuts! :wink:

k_jupiter 04-04-2007 10:54 AM

Originally Posted by Debbie Murry
I had to smile when I saw "Dropping the F-Word". I thought the f-word was what you say when you've cut 2 yards of your favorite fabric into 2 inch squares and then realizing it should have been 3 inch. I'm still laughing.

Oh heck(or one of them "H" words)! It's coming up on three months later... and I am still working on Homeward Bound's flying geese backgrounds, the YBR is still un-basted, Dazzler has been put away till I figure out how to make the squares not look like the ground in an earthquake from 20,000 feet, and the scrap quilt... well, it's coming along slowly. On days when the head hurts from too much going on at work, I will go to my studio and just... iron. I have no idea how much fabric that quilt is going to take, so I have lots. The lap quilt I have used for learning how to use fat threads for quilting is still... unfi...shed (does that make it a U-word?).

It sure would be nice if the boss told me to go home and quilt awhile, but I am not holding my breath.

tim in san jose

Flying_V_Goddess 04-04-2007 11:50 AM

I've only started quilting so I only got one unfinished quilting project (the Super Mario mushroom quilted pillow).

coffeewoman 04-04-2007 12:55 PM

I'm still a bit of a novice quilter, so my UFOs, WIPs and PIGs are pretty much under control. I tend to go for the fabric - (Oooooooo, pretty! I've been wanting to work with border stripes... how much should i get... hmmm... i guess 3 yards is good for a start... look at that gorgeous batik...etc.) - and patterns, especially from QNM. When I cut out a quilt, I generally follow through without it taking tooooo long. (clothing, now THAT'S another story)

My sewing room currently has - a bin of country color fabrics that i'm flirting with making into a log cabin or perhaps a really nifty F&P scrap quilt for myself (i've never kept a quilt - i just shiver under sheets and blankets)... assorted bits and pieces of blue fabrics and bandanas for a quilt made to fit a truck bed for camping - he doesn't care about the pattern and it'll be tied - i just need to START it!... then there's the baby quilt for my nephew who will be 2 in May (whoops....)... the candy bright and black fabrics for a jewel box quilt... the slowly burgeoning pile of rich/dark batiks that i'm falling in love with... the 20 yards of unbleached muslin destined to become a chemise and assorted muslins for clothing/costuming and practice pieces to learn how to marble... bits and pieces to make a charm quilt via English pp, which i've never done before... a bookcase of fat quarters because i'm addicted to the packs from KQ... also somewhere in there is batting scraps, two sewing machines, a serger, a desk, an ironing board and iron and a loveseat (for handsewing). Thank goodness i sleep in the tiny little bedroom of my 2-bedroom apartment and keep the "master" for sewing! There are no UFOs currently (please don't hurt me!!!) and less than half a dozen orphan blocks. No PIGs - that's what the bookcases are for! :lol:

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