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abacus 08-05-2008 07:08 AM

Yes Harmony It is the same as gollywhockered!! :!:

Quilting Aggi 08-05-2008 07:43 AM

Originally Posted by Mamagus
I'm with Terri... In Newfoundland we'd say our strips were starting to go "squish".... SO if you've just started your strip sets, do one the way we suggest and see what it looks like!

hee hee ooh how many times have I said the "squish" word to my students!! hee hee nice to know I'm not alone! :)

Rose Marie 08-05-2008 07:55 AM

I have never alternated my strips and have never had a problem.
I have an ironing board with measurements on it and just line up the strip on the line to make sure it is straight before I iron it.
Press dont iron. Set your seams first.
I like using the small travel iron also, its not so heavy and dosnt stretch the fabric.

tlrnhi 08-05-2008 09:23 AM

Originally Posted by sunflower
This is off topic, but where in Newfoundland do you live, Terri? My hubby and I spent a wonderful two weeks there (July 7 -21) flying to Deer Lake and then going to Cornerbrook, Rocky Harbour and up to St Anthony before heading back to Deer Lake to fly home. There was so much to see and do, the scenery was spectacular and the weather perfect. We loved it. We live in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Rita

ME? I'm not in Newfoundland. That would be Quilting Aggi that lives there. I live on Guam.

joy 08-07-2008 12:40 AM

I was taught to alternate them - to be on the safe side just unpick every other one - you will never be quite confident about it if you don't... and that is the correct way... I learnt this in a bargello class...

tlrnhi 08-07-2008 01:12 AM

I really don't think there is a right way or a wrong way. Everyone has what works well for them.
Some people alternate strips, while others don't.
Some people use quilters safety pins, others use just straight pins.
Some use a walking foot, others don't.
I think it's just what works best for each individual.
Not saying to NOT try the suggestions, but don't always discount them as being wrong.

kathy 08-07-2008 03:12 AM

when my strips get "womperjawed" it's usually because I'm stretching one or the other.

kathy 08-07-2008 03:14 AM

BTW, if your strips are selvage to selvage to be cut to size later, they will not all be the same length, I always start at the same end , it just seems like less waste when you cut the selvage off it's even at least on one end.

joy 08-07-2008 12:21 PM

Don't want to get into an argument, but I wouldl like to see the work, that has not been sewn alternately, hanging on a wall.... to see if it hangs straight... !!!

Skeat 08-07-2008 03:38 PM

joy, my mystery runner is one:))I only sew one direction...don't ask me why....I just do:))I never knew or even thought to run different directions..makes sense though and maybe if I had sewed many, it would have moved on me or something....I think anything is possible..espec. for me:))Skeat

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