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abacus 08-04-2008 11:34 AM

I have a question. I know already that when sewing strips together you should start one strip from the top, the next strip from the bottom, etc. in order to help keep your quilt square.

Well, I took a class for Eleanor Burns "Quick Trip Around the World". The instrutions do not say to alternate the top/bottom strip sewing; nor did the teacher mention it.

I am getting a little worried. It seems (and I haven't checked it closely yet) that it might be getting a little caddywompus (yes, that's a word in my world! :lol: ) Should I take out the strips I have sewn together (just every other one) and re-sew from the bottom, or leave it. I don't mind taking out the strips; I would rather be happy with it than to not take it out and be unhappy.

What do you girls think? Like I said, I would rather be happy than not.

Any ideas would be welcome. Thanks in advance.

tlrnhi 08-04-2008 11:38 AM

Well? What I would do is to just take apart one set of the strips and put it together the other way. If it looks better to you that way, then do them all like that. If not, then go back to the way you started.

I never knew about alternating the strips. Then I read it somewhere and it came out MUCH better. Nothing really got "caddywompus" as you call it. :)

Mamagus 08-04-2008 11:46 AM

I'm with Terri... In Newfoundland we'd say our strips were starting to go "squish".... SO if you've just started your strip sets, do one the way we suggest and see what it looks like!

rayone 08-04-2008 12:23 PM

So interesting... my teacher/class had never mentioned it. I'm going to have to bring it up at my next class and she what she says. Or i might just go ahead and try it on my own.

Harmony 08-04-2008 12:56 PM

"Caddywompus." Do you think that means the same as gollywhockered?

mgshaw 08-04-2008 01:00 PM

Originally Posted by Harmony
"Caddywompus." Do you think that means the same as gollywhockered?

Oh Harmony I think you are discombobulated!!!!

Elizabeth A. 08-04-2008 01:39 PM

I'd take a tape measure to it before doing anything. You might just be worried and it's really fine. If you do find an error you can check each seam looking to see if the strips were lining up or if you were "slipping" a little. Looking at your work will give you a good idea where the trouble might be, after all it could just be one strip that's not right.

sewnsewer2 08-04-2008 05:16 PM

I've never heard that before. I just sew them row by row, but I pin at every seam and have not had any problems.

mimisharon 08-04-2008 05:30 PM

Originally Posted by sewnsewer2
I've never heard that before. I just sew them row by row, but I pin at every seam and have not had any problems.

me, too, but I press, press, press. You've got me wondering though about turning them about.

I do a lot of caddywampus and pickin' so you may find yourself joining me in singing the pick it song.


sunflower 08-04-2008 05:49 PM

This is off topic, but where in Newfoundland do you live, Terri? My hubby and I spent a wonderful two weeks there (July 7 -21) flying to Deer Lake and then going to Cornerbrook, Rocky Harbour and up to St Anthony before heading back to Deer Lake to fly home. There was so much to see and do, the scenery was spectacular and the weather perfect. We loved it. We live in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario Rita

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