I have a pfaff 1200 & Inspira Frame...these both were purchased used but like new as she might have made 2 quilts on it. Anyway I also purchased a Quilter's Crusie Control "used" from a lady online it is the red one #1400027-45...the lady sent a print out instructions to attach the encoders to an Imperial Frame...I am pretty sure these are not the instructions that came with with the cruise control...as on back of the box it says "fully illustrated installation intrustions".

So what I am needing is does anyone have this cruise control and is there anyway you could e-mail me the instructions? Or if anyone has a link to a website that would have the instructions so I could print them out? I have looked everywhere or at least I think I have and have come up with nothing.

Also one more thing is that the cruise control did NOT come with the bolts and washers to mount with...I have contacted the lady and hopefully she will get back in touch with me....but in the mean time does anyone know where I could get these parts? I Don't have a Pfaff dealer here in my town or anyone that would sell the cruise control...the nearest town would be over 200 miles away......so I wonder if anyone has a dealer in their town that would be willing to see if they had the bolts and washers that I would need? I can e-mail a picture of what is missing.

Thank You for your help, Roseanna(jazzmyn)