Thank you for your lovely block. I've had storms every day this week so I haven't been able to pin my 52 blocks on the sheet and get pictures. I have hope that Bertha (the hurricane) will go way north east and not bother any land but she's sending some much needed rain so I'm not going to complain.

I'm so excited to lay all the blocks out and begin the sewing, hopefully soon. I've been planning it in my head but you know with all the caregiving it's really tough to get in an hour of sewing and I know when I begin to put it all together I'm NOT going to want to stop. lol lol

Thank you again for the block and for the kindness, I won't ever forget. If not for the friends here I'm not sure I'd have survived since the 19th of December. But the prayers, the warm love, the wonderful notes, letters, cards, all has kept me grounded and hopeful.