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Thread: Quilting on a frame

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    Nov 2006
    Help!!! no matter how I try I can't quilt on a frame. They say the material should be taut, but then how do you rock the needle through the three pieces. When I try the needle only goes through the top piece of the quilt. I even took quilting lessons several years ago and couldn't do it then. What am I missing?


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    Mar 2007
    I watched the "thimble lady" on Simply Quilts and she had the quilt in the frame very loose, so she could rock the needle, got 14 stitches to the inch, in my dreams!

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    Super Member vicki reno's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    North Carolina
    There is suppose to be a happy medium between tight, tight and loose loose. You wnt it tight to keep everythng together but not so tight you can bounce a quarter off of it! I have a big fllor frame and have never gotten my quilt that tight, same as for ahoop. If it does get too tight, you will have trouble. Try keeping it a little looser and see if that helps.

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    Mar 2007
    Pat, first.....breathe...! :wink: I agree with Vicki, and as I enjoy to hand quilt I have found that the best is a balance between the two. The needle and thread should be able to move through the materials with ease and comfort. You shouldn't feel like you are having to press through clay or trudge through mud. If it is putting astrain on your fingers....it is on the quilt as well. As with any quilting process.....the key is that the sandwich be smooth on both sides. Everything else is per quilter friendliness. Getting tight is for a Friday night with the gals....loosen up just a little. :lol:

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    Feb 2007
    New Hampsire
    I love to quilt on a frame. You have to make it tight and then push it down so it loosens up a littie it's something you have to practice to get it to work for you, but i feel it is well worth it.

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    Dec 2006
    Jacksonville, North Carolina
    Quote Originally Posted by SandraJennings
    Getting tight is for a Friday night with the gals....loosen up just a little. :lol:

    Oh, gosh, Sandra is it Friday yet?

    I use a hoop, big ones, round and an oval. I never get it real tight because of the getting the needle in and back. BUT, the real trick is keeping the sandwich even and the tension pretty close to the same with each move to another section.

    I, too, enjoy the hand quilting most days. The arther and the humidity make it difficult sometimes, but it's so relaxing isn't it?


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    Nov 2006
    Same here. I loosen it up a little and can get smaller stitches then. Just loosen all three layers and make sure there are no gathers or puckers.
    Good luck with it. Soon you will love it.

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