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Quilting through poofs - help

Quilting through poofs - help

Old 02-26-2020, 07:14 AM
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Default Quilting through poofs - help

Fellow Quilters,
I am a novice and took on a double wedding ring way before I had the know how to do so, I finished the top, but all of the negative spaces in the centers are full of poofs, the fabric won't lay flat because my curves were off. I am going to try to machine quilt it, and wanting to have medallions in the centers of those spaces, I was wondering if it would be best if I tried to smooth the poofs to the sides and frame the edges of the rings, tucking the wrinkles in there or if I should just try to quilt letting them buckle where they may. I do not want to tear out any stitching and restitch. Sadly it was meant to be a gift for a couple who divorced 6 months after the wedding, so it is tainted and cannot be re-gifted, so I just want to get the darn thing finished. How do you all deal with buckling in a quilt? Or should I just toss it? lol. I don't want to do that.
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maybe rethink the design and keep the puffs a bit. I'm thinking sort of like smocking or definite pleats. not trying to hide the extra fabric but making it work for you.
In future, when doing curves, always match centers and edges and then gently sew making sure fabric is flat as you go.
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Use wool batting. It will help take up some of the extra fabric.
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My remedy for poofs is spray starch. Spray the area and steam it with your iron held just above it. Sometimes this is enough to “shrink” it back into shape. If this does not work I would still quilt it and just remember all the hard work you put into it. Good luck with the quilt
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There are quilts where we just repeat to ourselves "it will quilt its way out" and you can accomplish a lot by the stitching down.

Sometimes without taking out any stitching you can just reinforce/tighten a seam here and there. I'm assuming the worst of the bubbles are in the large empty space? You can even seam it down the middle and while maybe not ideal won't really show.

You don't have to finish it and you don't have to toss it... you can either hang it in the back of a closet for awhile or donate it to a thrift store and hope someone else will see the potential you don't.

And I know about cursed wedding quilts! I told one of my stories here.
Now I don't give quilts until the first anniversary...

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I have had some luck by cutting circles of extra batting to place under the center of the block, creating a double layer of batting for the center. HTH.
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Originally Posted by true4uca View Post
I have had some luck by cutting circles of extra batting to place under the center of the block, creating a double layer of batting for the center. HTH.
I think in addition to adding another higher loft batting...you might want to simply do a smaller meander in the puff if you can..maybe try it on some scrapes first to see if the meander takes up some of the puffs....I just did a church quilt that wasn't laying flat and I just meandered and used a higher loft batting....not perfect, but it turned out puffy and will be an OK quilt to use...not for a show...tee hee....
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check out this video for some ideas
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check out this old thread for a solution - with photos

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I have made 6 DWR quilts. You are describing my first one very well. One thing I would suggest to you to even things out is to hand stitch it and not machine quilt it. By stretching it some in a hoop you can take care of a good number of the Poofs. Not all of them will be fixed and it still won't give you what you would want to give as a gift but you will have a better outcome than you would if you machine quilt it. This is a quilt that would do well to be long arm'ed. The LA can stretch into place so of the poofs. Keep in mind there is a considerable cost for LA but only time and a few calluses for hand quilting. Hand quilting it a good experience and all quilters should try it at least once on a quilt. I did 5 of the 6 by hand and they were perfect! Also what did you use to cut your pieces? Having a good template is also very important. I use "Quilting for the Hartland" They are a set of great templates and very very good instructions.
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