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Thread: Running stitch

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    Steve's Avatar
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    Aug 2007

    I like the flying geese Sue. Iíve seen a lot of variation browsing the net this morning and just added one to the to do list (growing ever longer).

    The ďtoegate scandalĒ was funny Shelly, I figured it had something to do with his picture. Iím rather surprised someone hasnít sewn it into a quilt yet.

    The free hand quilting (without frame) around the borders has proven easier than I had thought. I just keep reminding myself to stretch the fabric after each run to keep it tight. The ľ Iíd planned on turned out a bit bigger in order to miss the seams underneath, but that aside am encountering few problems. What I planned on spending a few days on should be done in a couple. Itís also giving me time to work on the running stitch a bit more since they are straight lines. I like the way it puckers a bit more than when in the frame, it makes my stitching more even provided I donít get tense. The only spot that itís a bit wonky is where I tried to hurry it a bit in the center before the string gave out. Silly really because the stitch will be waiting no matter when it gets done. Itís easy, ďThere is no timelineĒ is what I need to constantly remind myself. Sit back, relax and quilt.

    Iím planning on using flannel for the batting in my next quilt and see if it hand stitches a little easier. Being in sunny California, I figure that the baby will need the heat of a poly filled quilt anyway.

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    Super Member mpeters1200's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    Omaha, NE
    Thank you to Kathy, I think it was her, for making sure it was really Steve and not Tim.

    I think it's cool that we have 2 guys on here...both with personality.

    Steve, I took a quilting class 4 years ago (my first and only so far) on beginning quilting. It was a sampler that had 9 patch, half square triangles, hour glasses, and *#(*&!#($*& flying geese. I'm not sure which is worse the flying geese or those *#@(*&% hour glasses. I absolutely HATE triangles. I've tried the old fashioned way, I was originally taught with some short cuts, I've even had friends show me their neat tools for working with triangles. I have a very good friend who is currently making a 1000 pyramid with all the triangles being of different fabric. I tell her every chance I get that I think she was dropped on her head as an infant.

    I LOVE to hand quilt, and was just given my first frame. I quilt for charity and we meet once a week. We always have a quilt in the frame so I've learned different things to. To answer your question from your first post...when there are bulky seams that are together in the same spot I will do one stitch at a time and use a backstitch if I have to. One of the most talented quilter's I have EVER met quilts very fast. All of her stitches are perfectly even and she makes them ONE AT A TIME!!! I "rock" my needle and am only comfy with 3 or 4 stitches at a time. I stitch in the ditch as often as I can. It hides the stitching on the front and will give it a cute look on the back.

    I have yet to try any decorative quilting, so I'd love to hear your impressions on it. If you would like to see my latest venture (4 years but I'm still very much a beginner), http://www.quiltingboard.com/posts/list/3122.page I have some pics posted there. I'll quilt according to the pic in the magazine. Diagonally across all the little squares. I don't know what I'll do with the prissy cut part yet.

    Again....great to see another guy on here. I hope I can get my boys interested in quilting.


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    Senior Member redrummy's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Mount Vernon, Oh
    I love to hand quilt, I wish I had the time to hand quilt all the quilts I do. I love the look, and feel great when it is complete Oh but when do we ever have the time we would like to?
    Deb :mrgreen:

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    Oct 2007
    I also love to hand quilt, but then I love the quiet of the mornings before the world begins to come alive and also enjoy quiet any other time. I just find it peaceful and relaxing and it gets something of a meditative quality to it, much the same as hand piecing does, for me at least!


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    Aug 2007
    I'm glad this topic came up. I'm just learning to hand quilt and found those pesky seams were causing me alot of trouble. I thought it was just me. I'll try the tips and see how it goes.

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