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Thread: shopping for a machine

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    Junior Member kimg's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    I was glad to see a post on here earlier that someone wrote who is shopping for a new machine. I have been thinking of doing that for a while now, and I read the replies that were posted. I have a Brother machine that I bought at Wal Mart, and it does pretty good, but it is a not as smooth as I would like. I notice that many people on here love to use the vintage machines and feel that they perform much better than newer models. My question is this....Are you still able to get parts (bobbins, needles and other parts) for the machines and can you work on them? I have always wanted an old machine just to display. Now I find out that I might even enjoy sewing on one! I would not have any idea how or what to buy or what was a decent price on one. I know there is a thread on old machines somewhere, but I was not sure where. It sounds like that where newer machines are concerned everyone has their favorite. My daughter has a PFAFF, and it seems to work well. I think she only paid about $300 for it, so it was probably one of the less expensive ones. That might be an option for me. I do like the way it sews. I can't explain exactly why I like it better, but it just has a smoother more solid feel when you are sewing. I do mostly straight stitching, but in time I may want to try some other things. I would like to try to machine quilt at some point, too. Now I just piece. What type of vintage machine is easy to operate? What questions would I need to ask the seller about a machine that I was considering? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Super Member AliKat's Avatar
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    There is always someone who loves each different brand. That's just how it is.

    Make your budget limits and your wish list for what you want. Remember a machine may have lots of stitches but if you won't use them, why pay the price for all the bells and whistles.

    Lots of good used ones at most LQS's as folks do trade in and up. There is even a buy & sell portion of this QB you can look at ... where you might find a good deal near where you live. Look and try before you buy.

    See which you bond with.

    Me: I love my Pfaff with the dual feed! It is easiest for me to use with the arthritis.


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    I have several old machines and have not had problems finding parts for them. I even have a couple of treadles and no problems. You can work on them. I think you can work on the older ones alot easier than the new ones. You need to do a search on here for vintage machines and read what everyone is saying there. And how they are fixing things on their own old machines.
    I think you will be surprised.

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    Senior Member Little RoO's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    England. UK
    Hi...I bought a new to me Pfaff Select 3 a couple of weeks ago and love it for patchwork. It is a basic machine, not computerised,and with only a few decorative stitches....but it does have the IDT feature...this is the special walking foot that is part of the machine and works brilliantly at holding the fabrics together for piecing. It also has 15 needle position which means I can be really accurate with my quater inch.
    I think if you are buying a machine they are some real do's and don'ts...
    1. Decide what you are going to do with it, what features are a real must have and what are a nice to have and write them down so when you go to buy you have your list with you.
    2. If you have a budget, stick to it...it is so easy to get sucked in at a dealer and spend so much more on a machine that will be fab but probably do far more than you will ever need and you may well regret spending so much more once you get home !
    3. Ring round dealers and see what they have new and old ( I then look them up on the internet to see if the features match my list ) Ask what gaurantee they have....also bargain with them ....most really want your business and will quite often come down abit in price to get it.
    Sewing machines are a really personal thing and you can get lots of information on the internet but I think you really do have to go and give them a real test drive....I would take some bits of fabric and ask to play. Any good dealer should be more than happy to let you do this....don't be rushed into making your choice.
    Good luck...Please let us know what you get.

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    Here is the vintage machine thread

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