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Singer machine survey/suggestions

Singer machine survey/suggestions

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Default Singer machine survey/suggestions

My Singer Golden Touch 'N Sew, a gift from my husband, bought new, has served me well for more than 30 years. It's only the second machine I've ever owned--the first was also a Singer--a very reliable standard black electric, probably 1940s model, bought used, that never needed repair. From reading quilting blogs I've learned what a bad rep the GT&S machines have, but mine has been wonderful...until now. For the first time, I've got problems with it and from what I read online it may be the timing. I'll have it repaired anyway, if possible, and will keep it because I love it...and my husband gave it to me. But I'm considering buying another machine and since I'm familiar with Singers and don't want the learning curve that comes with a different brand, I'm leaning toward a Singer. I don't want to spend huge amounts of money nor do I particularly want what is labeled a "quilter". Just a good, reliable machine with a few bells and whistles I don't currently have, such as automatic threader, automatic needle return, and a few fancy stitches, etc. Something this side of $500, preferably less. I bought a walking foot for my GT&S so it would be nice if it fits the new machine, or if the new machine comes with a walking foot. Whatever I get will have to fit in a table since I'm used to a level playing field

Anyone care to weigh in on what you're using? What you like and what you don't? What you'd do differently if you were buying again? I'm especially interested in modern Singers but would welcome comments on other brands and models, as well. I've noticed that some Youtube video quiltmakers use Singers, but can't tell what the models are. I read a review online that said that the thread holder on a new Singer was flimsy and other parts of it seemed cheap; that's the kind of thing I'm worried about and want to stay away from. Mainly I just don't know what's out there or what's good, since I haven't been in the market for many years.

Thanks in advance to all who comment!
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I found a used Janome 6600 for a good price and love the machine. I know that a 6600 is more than your budget, but if you check around with dealers, they will sometimes have a good used machine that someone has traded in to upgrade. Whatever you buy, do your research about repairs, costs and what issues that particular machine can have. Repairs can be very expensive (sometimes more than the original cost of the machine).
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I recommend something with both upper and lower feed dogs. When you have that you don't need a walking foot---it functions like a walking foot, is built in, and can function with several different feet. For years only Pfaff had that, but now other brands do, too, but not always on every model. You can find a great used Pfaff, like one of the Tiptronics, for under $500. With them you'll get dual feed dogs, needle down, needle threader, and tons of decorative stitches. It would be nice if you could use different machines you think you may be interested in before you buy. If you belong to a quilt guild, maybe you can ask some members to try their machines to help you decide.

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There are many good brands of machines, most are owned by the same manufacturing company. I have Singer, Bernina, Brother and Janome. Each one has pros and cons. I always suggest the Janome Jem line for a new machine under $500. The Kenmore line is great for the price but they aren't being made anymore. If you find a new top of the line Kenmore still left in a Sears store, buy it!
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I also love the Singers no matter what anyone says. The last one I bought last year is the Singer Quantum L-500 which is awesome. It retails for around $1700 in some retail stores but picked my up from internetsalesusa.com for $728. I saw just last week where the same place had it for $668 or so. Less than $700 and that was with free shipping. It is smooth sewing, no loud noises, is heavy duty (not a machine you would just pick up and move around to often) has serveral computerized stitches, can wind bobbin while sewing, has dual feed and more. You will not be disappointed. It also came with a bunch of feet.

I also bought the computerized Singer Featherweight 75 over a year ago to carry with me to sew sessions and such and that also is a work horse and this one has more computerized stitches than the one mentioned above.

Despite what folks say I would not go for another more expensive brand.

Lets face it all brands now belong under an umbrella of one corporation for the most part. They simply put a different name brand on a machine for the most part.

Even though it's over your $500 budget you may want to still look at it and consider this one.
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Originally Posted by JustAbitCrazy View Post
I recommend something with both upper and lower feed dogs. When you have that you don't need a walking foot---it functions like a walking foot, is built in, and can function with several different feet..
That is one of the many features of the Singer Quantum L-500.
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You will have a learning curve no matter what brand you buy. Even Singers have changed a lot since the Touch 'N Sew days!

Personally, I would look seriously at the Janome 5500 or 6600 (preferably 6600 because of the accufeed feature, but it may be out of your price range). These have the large harp size that makes machine quilting so much easier.

Do you have a state fair in your area? I would recommend going to every dealership in your area to test-drive machines. (Bring your own fabrics and quilt sandwich practice pieces.) Decide what machine you want, then buy during the state fair. That is when you get the deepest discount on the machine.

Edit: Above is if you want to buy new. As someone else mentioned, buying a used machine from a dealership can be a very good choice as you tend to get a lot more bang for your buck that way.
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I have no specific suggestion for you about a machine, but I wanted to encourage you to check Overstock.com if you're considering buying online. They have some great prices. I've bought other items from them and always been very satisfied.
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I have my aunt's Singer Touch and Sew......learned to sew on them in high school and love them too! I also have a Singer Fashion Mate 1030 that my hubby bought me back in 1979 and it still works wonderfully, that being said, Singer is made by Husquavana these days as well as some of the other big brands out there. Most of the time people who don't like Singer machines never had one....lol! Do your research and you'll find one you'll love! Good luck!
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but remember the new Singers are not like your old one. So there is going to be a learning curve no matter.......
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