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Thread: Stippling Problem

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    Stippling Problem

    I am doing some Stippling on a quilt and getting some real long stitches . Any ideas what I am doing wrong ? TIA
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    I am far from expert on FMQ but I know you have to get the machine speed and hand speed just right. Sounds like you are moving the quilt faster than you should for machine speed. One teacher suggested lowering the speed of machine and putting the pedal to the metal. This gives you a consistent machine speed. Then you can figure the correct speed to move the quilt

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    yes, the foot pedal speed will always be faster than your hand movements. if you jerk, the stitches are wrong. if moving too fast, they will be longer. practice a bit more and you will get it.

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    I tend to go too fast around curves, too. Kinda like I drive. lol.
    Also, make sure it is not skipping stitches, which makes it look like extra long stitches. Skipping could be from a dull needle, or, in my case, my machine does not like to go in a northeasterly direction. I think it made my needle bend just a bit. I managed to correct this issue by switching to a bigger needle. It leaves needle holes in the top till it is washed, but the stitches are more even.
    There are just a lot of things on the machine, and in your actions that have to be "just right" for the stitching to look right.

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    I agree. You're moving the quilt too fast for the speed of the machine. I tend to do that in certain spots so I have to remind myself to move slower in those places.
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    ​Stippling to me is difficult if I try to go too tiny. I try for about loops the size of a pea and can get my stitches pretty even at that size. I can keep my stitches really good in a larger meander about golf ball to oranges size loops. You just need to find a size and shape that works for you. It also helps if you can set your stitch speed on your machine as that gives you one less thing to control. Also, I can't FMQ well without my Machinger gloves to help move the quilt.

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    If your quilt is catching on anything it will change the size of the stitch from either too small as it catches or too big as it lets go. I had that problem with a quilt with bulky seams. When I would go over a seam it would lag because I had the presser foot down too low to easily go over the seam. Skipped stitches also look long.

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    All of the above is true. Try to relax or it will show in your quilting. I like a large stipple or meander. Speeds have to be pretty consistent.
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    I agree with everyone too - and - like Garden Gnome, my machine has a direction it doesn't like. I think it is northeasterly too, or is it southwest? Anyway when I am at the machine I try to avoid that direction.

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    If you have done stippling before and had no problem then it could be that your needle isn't always picking up the bobbin thread. That could be for a few different reasons. Needle not in correctly, bobbin or top thread not threaded quite right, you've bumped your tension control knob, the thickness of your quilt is too great. But if it is only happening on curves then it is you that has gotten out of sync. That happens to me every now and then. When it does I get out some scrap fabric and batting and work through it until i get myself under control again.

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    I agree with all of the above. I seldom have this problem now because I have switched to a stippling size 14 needle. The needle does make a big difference.

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