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Thread: Suggestions for a new machine

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    Suggestions for a new machine

    I so want an embordering machine, just to expand my creativity some what. But trying to rack my brain as how much will I use it, for the price of these machines, a person would have to justify and use it. Of course, I would be looking at a reasonable priced one, because who knows how much would I be using this. Any of you's that have embordering machine, what kind do you have? What features should I be looking at? Do you have to have special threads? Are you happy with the stitchin? By the time you buy stabilizers, thread, and designs is it expensive to do? I have no trouble buying fabric and anything to do with quilting, but with this machine I question myself.

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    if it turns out that you really love embroidery, you'll want the capability to do custom designs. if you want it just for labels and decorating the edges of things, a simpler machine will do just fine.
    Nancy in western NY
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    I just bought a Baby Lock Allure Plus. I wish it did more but to go up to the next level is another $1300. So I will br content with what I got. Allbrands has a helpful forum. i have been able to get all my answers there. Go to allbrands.com then look for the sew forum. I suggest whatever you buy you do so locally so you can get lessons.

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    Well, I got mine mainly for labels and quilting my quilts myself, the prices can vary depending on what you want to use it for. I got the dreamweaver for the foot and not the actual embroidery features, however the price difference in the embroidery model alone was reasonable for me to get it. I was already researching embroidery machines. Also you have to think about the extras that are not included like thread, stabilizer, software for editing and so on. Designs are very expensive. After purchasing 2 I decided to just shell out the money on the software and I could just use my books and scan the quilting designs I already have in and that would save me money in the long run of buying tons of designs and having to edit them to the correct size anyway. It should cut down on my costs of LA quilting as well, at least until my machine is paid off and I can spring for a LA, I should have my house by then so I will have the room. The feature that is neat about the dreamweaver's embroidery is that you can use the pen to accurately place your design if it is hooped crooked. I also want to do towels and baby gifts so it should come in handy. I did have to spring for a small hoop because it didn't come with mine but I found one reasonable on ebay. I would say I have spent about 150 on extras and 600 for the software/scanner on top of my hefty machine price, but its a machine I can grow into and I know I will use

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    If you aren't sure how much embroidery you will be doing then go with a less frills model. You can always trade up. Buying a higher end machine just might not be the most practical.

    I guess it is a personal balance between what you want and what you can afford.

    One friend did buy an embroidery machine but now only uses it for sewing. She found out the hard way she doesn't like embroidery but prefers the regular quilting and sewing.

    Have fun quilting! If it isn't fun, you will miss a lot.

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    I would suggest you shop around various machine stores and try out their machines. See if anything is within your budget. Look at their gently used machines that will probably come with a warranty. You just might score a good buy.

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    I have a Janome 350e, and love it! I use it a lot more than I expected to, so I'm glad I got a good machine. As for features to look for, I love the thread cutter! Embroidery designs require changing thread often enough that it's a real help that the machine automatically cuts the threads when it is finished with a color. Also, some of the less expensive machines only have the small hoop. I use the larger (5x8") hoop far more often than the small one. The other major feature is that I can use a flash drive to transfer designs from my computer to the machine. Some require actually connecting the machine to the computer, or using other transfer means. I can buy flash drives for under $4, so I have a lot of them (it's better to have fewer designs on the flash drive so you can find your design more quickly).

    I know nothing substantive about other machines, so I can't help you there. Good luck!

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    My wish is for a large hoop machine that I can quilt blocks with. But of course they cost way more than I can afford.
    Ive heard good things about Brother machines.

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    I bought a Vking Ruby a yr ago and I do use it. I made myself a promise when I got it that I would learn to use that part of the machine. I love it. It is so easy to learn, I was making things before I took my first class. I actually am doing more embroidery right now than quilting. Even though next weekend I'm using it to quilt my wall hanging. I can use any kind of thread and being on a tight budget I get what I can find on sale so its a wide mix of brands that I have. You learn how to be thrifty when buying supplies just like in quilting. I found that some of my stabilizer I can buy on the large rolls at Joann's and use a coupon; some I can get a Walmarts. When something needs two layers of stabilizer I hoop one and then using 505 I only put left over pieces on the first layer where the designs will go. This has saved me alot. Right now I'm making these cute little tic tac toe games with spiders on it for my DGS's first Halloween party. He'll give them out as gifts plus I'm making these hanging ghosts. I'm also making leaves for the fall time to put on a wreath mold for my front door, along with table runners, baby quilts, etc. It has really opened up a lot of new options for me. Mine has a lot of features along with large hoops (a must) I've never used my small hoops that most have. I'd rather use the large ones and then do more than one design at a time. Free designs are so easy to get on the internet as well. Make sure you get it where you can get good classes. I'm taking them along with software classes for it that I recently invested in. Check out the stores in your area and make sure they have good customer service and will be there if need be. It's a must.

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