Thank You, for figuring out how to make continuous scrappy prairie points. We have some of the most talented people on this board and I learn something new just about everyday. I am making them for a customers quilt and it took me all of an hour to finish enough for a queen-sized quilt.( I did cut out my blocks last night) I have made them the old way :x your shortcut was a lifesaver :thumbup: Bless you. Here is her original post and her tute ... Thanks again Kwilter11 :D :D :D If you have wanted to try prairie points, you have to try it Kwilter11 way. It's so easy. :lol: no, really it is! Try it.
Added** If you want a light & dark value alternating on your prairie points, put lights on one side/top and darks on the other/bottom, then when you fold them over , it will alternate.