So it finally reached to point I have to clean the sewing room. One of the desk top computers died, so don't need that desk anymore (more room for fabric!) and it had to go, file cabinet was emptied, so it can go (room for another sewing machine!) lots of stuff that can go in DDs yard sale, boxed and out the door. Now all my fabric is at least on (near) one bookcase, scraps and crumbs are in boxes, all my LA items are on the book case near the frame, all my UFOs are in one drawer, strips are sorted, ... starting to look good.

Some of the things I have found: pineapple ruler, add-an-eighth ruler, lots of quilt blocks, 3 big boxes of safety pins, 6 x 18 ruler, Christmas ornament kits, french curve rulers, lots of books, fabric, fabric, and fabric. I should be set for the year now.

Now DH thinks we should move the frame and LA to the other end of the room. I'll have to think about that one.