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Boom 20 - Quail 3 month group

Boom 20 - Quail 3 month group

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Default Boom 20 - Quail 3 month group

Important dates for Quail, 3 month Boomerang 20 Swap:

F8s due to me Thursday, January 18, 2018
I ship to you Monday, January 22, 2018

Quail’s blocks due to me Monday, April 23, 2018
I mail Quail's blocks Monday, April 30, 2018

Quail, 3 month group, 20 members:


Gallery: Boomerangswaps.weebly.com

Everyone in Quail, 3 month group should send me F8s. Please wash, press, remove selvages, cut into F8s (approx. 18x11, no smaller than 18x10), bag, label with your name and any requests and then put them into a large ziplock-type envelope inside your mailing envelope with your name and address on it. Remember, you will be shipping with tracking. All fabrics must be in my hands on or before Thursday, January 18, 2018 and I will turn around and send them out on Monday, January 20, 2018. If all fabrics are in sooner, I'll mail sooner.

Shipping: When you mail to me, please do so in whatever manner you wish as long as you do so with tracking. Please review shipping rules below and be sure to send me the tracking number as soon as you get it. Be sure to include $7.25 for return shipping. If the money/prepaid labels are missing, I will hold your package until I receive it. No checks or Paypal please.

Please have fun! It’s time to play with fabric you might not normally use, show your skills, make some new friends, say hello to old ones, and generally enjoy the experience. Let’s go!


Please make sure to also refer to the basic policies that apply to all swaps through the board: Rules for Swaps and Similar Activities - Updated 8 December 2010.

Fabric, Completed Block and Package Preparation:
1) Use only 100 percent quilting cotton. Please pre-wash and press your fabric without any fragrance residue. Remove selvages before cutting into Fat Eighths, generally about 18” x 11” but no smaller than 18”x 10”, no exceptions! Please keep off-sized pieces for your own use. If you send me smaller pieces, I will return them to you at your expense.
2) When mailing your F8s to me, please make sure they are individually sealed in a small Ziploc-type bag, no hard zippers please. Label each F8 with your board name easily visible to me along with any instructions or color requests for your fabric. (Do not specify a recipient unless a fabric is being directed to a particular person.) Labels are useful to help the recipient prevent fabric mix-ups, something that’s easy to do. Please then take all the individually wrapped F8s and put them in a Ziplock-type bag large enough to accommodate them all onto which you have written your name and address. When you send your completed blocks back to me, please seal and label your completed blocks with the owner’s name and your name easily visible to me in a similar manner as you did the F8s.
3) Please mail your F8s to arrive by Thursday, January 18, 2018. The sooner everyone gets them to me, the sooner they go out! Be sure to send me the tracking number as soon as you ship.
4) Carefully handle all fabric received and completed blocks, placing them somewhere safe until mailing time comes.
5) To help keep track of the fabrics and blocks made, I may establish an online Fabric Gallery.
6) You are required to keep in touch with your group by posting to the dedicated Boom 20 Quail thread at least every 2 weeks. This is a requirement. If you don’t wish to keep in touch, this is not the swap for you.
7) All blocks must be completed within the time frame for the group and mailed to me with a tracking number.
8) All blocks must be 12 1/2” unfinished. Blocks may be regularly pieced, paper-pieced, appliquéd, whatever the block maker decides to do. It is up to each individual. Please do not request specific blocks as the idea is to let everyone, of every skill level, join in and show their talents.
9) Most importantly, have fun!

Important Shipping Details
You must supply me with tracking numbers on all parcels sent to me and I will do likewise when I mail to you. All shipping costs are your responsibility. You may ship to me in whatever tracked package you like however I will only ship to you in USPS Padded Priority Envelopes (unless other arrangements have been made) at the rate in force at the time of shipping. Today that cost is $7.25. Please send a pre-paid envelope or label or you may send me $7.25 in well-concealed cash and I will supply the envelope. Envelopes stamped with “regular” postage stamps will no longer be picked up by my carrier but must be taken in person to the post office. This will delay shipping until I can get to the post office so please no “regular” stamps. I do not accept PayPal or checks.

Keep in mind the following:
You must be in good standing with previous swaps. Anyone with a poor track record of fulfilling swap commitments will not be permitted to join. If you sign-up and do not fulfill your commitment, negative feedback will be given.

All skill levels are welcome but you must be able to sew a 12 ½ inch, basic, well-constructed block. The block doesn’t have to be detailed but it must not be falling apart. All seams should be ¼ inch with at least 12 stitches per inch. Blocks should not leave your hands until you know you have made every effort to get them as close to the 12 ½ inch size as you can reasonably get. We all respect new quilter’s need to learn and that will be taken into account. If you cannot consistently construct a 12 ½ inch block, this is not the swap for you. Also, this is important: Please allow yourself enough time to complete your full set of blocks. In other words, don’t leave them to the last week! The results can be hit-or-miss. And please be sure to clean up the blocks by trimming your threads and cutting dog ears.

Please pre-wash your 100 percent cotton quilting fabrics without any fragrance residue. Please note that that some swappers may be smokers or have pets. If pets or smoke is a problem for you, this isn’t the swap for you.

No public complaints or criticisms for any reason are permitted. All complaints must be addressed by Private Message (PM) or email to me at [email protected]. No Exceptions.
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Be sure to read your emails and reply! Thank you!
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Let’s get this party started!! Thanks Janice for organizing this Boom! It’s my first boom and I’m excited.

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Hi, Everybody. A big welcome to all of our new Boomers. Hoping to get my package to the post office in the morning. I'll email my tracking number as soon as I get back home, Janice.
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Now it's official!
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I sent for some fabric. Hope it gets here in time.
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I did not get an e mail
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Hello, Quail! Got my email and replied. Will mail fabric in the morning....
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Glad Janice didn't’ name us the hummers and cuckoo’s
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Hi Quail! Will be packing up fabric soon!
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