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Love that beautiful star-in-a-star block, Janice! Yes, you are whetting our appetites.
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Being swap master has very few perks but getting to play early is a good one. Janice all 3 of these are wonderful. great color and pattern choices for all 3 of them.

Originally Posted by Janice McC View Post
Here’s Moonrise's block.
Attachment 596045
Fabric was lovely to work with and I knew I had to keep those three deer together. The male had a bit of a scalping but this was the best cut I could get with all three. Hope you like it, Moon.

Terriamn, I don’t think I said I hope you like your block. Couldn’t wait to play paper dolls like I did when I was little. Enjoyed making your block immensely.

So my weekend away went boom. (See what I did there?). My loss is your gain. I’ve got another block in the works and now I might - might - be able to get the fabrics out on Monday. No promises but it’s looking good.
Originally Posted by Janice McC View Post
Lol. Ok. Didn’t want to rub it in that I’ve got all the F8s - insert evil laugh here - but here it is...
Attachment 596044

Edited to add: and Moonrise’s is done too but no pic yet.
Originally Posted by Janice McC View Post
JayneW, here’s my block for you. I hope you like it. The background is a cream on cream. Love this fabric of yours!
Attachment 596188
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Janice great block and your green looks like a perfect match.
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Default Boom Biz - number of F8s you received.

Here’s an explanation about the F8s you received. There are 14 members however everyone sent me 19 F8s. That means there are 6 extra F8s for each person. All 14 members will be making one block for every other member (13) plus 6 more from various individuals in the group. That makes 19. Everyone has a totally different set of 19 F8s.

Additionally, if you confirmed with me an f8 for Jaba, it was added in this packet making 20 or it might have been put in Dunes if you are also in that group.
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I squeezed in a few minutes of block-making time!

This one's for ibex24. Hope you like it. I received two of your F8s, and already have a plan for the second one. Edit: Errr ... make that ibex94!


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Moonrise -- that's gorgeous!!! Absolutely perfect for the quilt I have in mind!. Great use of stripes and dots, too. You're giving me ideas! Thank you so much!!!

Janice my FATES (fat eights -- I'm from New Orleans, we don't say eighths....) have arrived!!! All F8 in place. Thank you! Tonight I get to play with fabric. Maybe even sew up a block if I have the energy....
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Hope that dusty blue fabric on the corners is showing up correctly. It looks a little greenish on my monitor. My LED work lights sometimes make my camera go goofy on "cool" colors (blues, greens, purples).
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Moonrise that block you made for Ibex is really sharp, great job!
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Aw, thanks, y'all. If you only knew how many times I had to consult Jack The Ripper! Aaahhh!

Working on the second stripe-y block now. So far, so good!
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Here's ibex94's second block. A Dresden Firecracker .... er .... Plate!


Unfortunately I have to step away and get the dishes and laundry done. DH won't be too happy if he doesn't have any clean clothes and has to go to work nekkid! Bwahaha!

Edit: Dang, that picture came out kind of big. Still getting used to my new photo editing software. I'll make the next ones smaller.
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