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Janice McC 07-21-2019 05:35 AM

Boom 23 - Early Birds 2 month group
Early Birds, 2 month group - please note the number of F8s needed beside your name

GramE 19
hav4boys 19
jaba 19
Libster 19
Macybaby 19
Mona G 9
Moonrise 19
Queenbarbiej 19
Terriamn 19
Janice McC* 0 (making blocks only)

Important Dates!

All F8s due to me Thursday, August 8, 2019
I ship F8s to you no later than Monday, August 12, 2019

Early Birds’ blocks due to me Thursday, October 10, 2019
I mail blocks no later than Thursday, October 17, 2019

Board participation is an essential ingredient in making this swap successful. So much information about the swap is found there, much more than I can possibly write in a sign-up post. By joining the swap, you understand it is your responsibility to read all posts and in turn post at least weekly. (It’s helpful to subscribe to your group’s thread.) If something comes up and you cannot post, please have somebody email me. Absolutely no disappearing please! The Boomerang Friendship Swap is meant to be a fun experience, pleasant and light. Please be kind and positive. I will always accept constructive criticism at the end of the swap. Should you find problems with the swap or the blocks you receive, please keep the comments concrete. Concrete issues can be handled (blocks too small, wrong color thread used, block dirty, etc.), personality issues with other swappers are not in my wheelhouse so please keep those to yourself. Please be aware that we consider this a real commitment. If you sign-up for the swap and disappear or otherwise do not complete your obligation, negative feedback will be given. You will be expected to return to me anything that belongs to others in whatever shape they are in. If problems occur, please get in touch with me right away and I will work with you.


Please make sure to also refer to the basic policies that apply to all swaps through the board: Rules for Swaps and Similar Activities - Updated 8 December 2010.

Fabric, Completed Block and Package Preparation:

1) Use only 100 percent quilting cotton. Please pre-wash and press your fabric without any fragrance residue. (Please note that that some swappers may be smokers or have pets. If pets or smoke is a problem for you, this isn’t the swap for you.) Remove selvages before cutting into Fat Eighths, generally about 18” x 11” but no smaller than 18”x 10”, no exceptions! Please keep off-sized pieces for your own use. If you send me smaller pieces, I will return them to you at your expense.

2) Before mailing your F8s to me, individually seal them in a quart-sized or smaller ziplock-type bag, preferably smaller if you are in both groups, no hard zippers please. Label each F8 baggie with your board name easily visible to me along with any instructions or color requests for your fabric. (Do not specify a recipient unless a fabric is being directed to a particular person.) Labels are useful to help the recipient prevent fabric mix-ups, something that’s easy to do. Please then take all the individually wrapped F8s and put them in a single larger ziplock-type bag big enough to accommodate them onto which you have written your real name and address. (When you send your completed blocks back to me, please seal and label your completed blocks with the owner’s board name and your board name easily visible to me in a similar manner as you did with the F8s.)

3) Shipping: All mailings costs are your responsibility. When you mail to me, please do so in whatever manner you wish as long as you do so with tracking. Be sure to send me the tracking number as soon as you get it. I will ship with USPS Priority Padded envelopes only (unless other arrangements have been made), currently costing $8 each. Your total cost for the mailings I will make for you are anticipated to be $16. (There is no guarantee shipping rates will remain the same or that all blocks will fit in a single padded envelope if you are in both groups. I will contact you to discuss options if either happens.) You may pay it all up front or separately, it’s up to you. If sending cash, please send correct amount as I will not make change. Any overage you send will be put into my slush fund to help cover expenses. If the money/prepaid labels are missing, I will hold your package until I receive it. No checks or PayPal please

4) Please mail your F8s to arrive by Thursday, August 8, 2019. The sooner everyone gets them to me, the sooner they go out! Be sure to send me the tracking number as soon as you ship.

5) Carefully handle all fabric received and completed blocks, placing them somewhere safe until mailing time comes.

6) To help keep track of the fabrics and blocks made, I will establish an online Fabric Gallery.

7) Historically, F8s remnants are kept by the block maker.

8) You are required to keep in touch with your group by posting to the dedicated Boom 23 threads at least every week. This is a requirement. If you don’t wish to keep in touch, this is not the swap for you.

9) All blocks must be completed within the time frame for the group and mailed to me with a tracking number. Due dates are firm, not a suggestion.

10) All blocks must be 12 1/2” unfinished. Blocks must be well-constructed, sewn with complementary thread and may be regularly pieced, paper-pieced, appliquéd, whatever the block maker decides to do. It is up to each individual. Please do not request specific blocks as the idea is to let everyone, of every skill level, select their own blocks to showcase their talents and your fabric. Please make sure you use a significant amount of each person’s F8. It usually needs to be the primary fabric in the block, not a minor player. If in doubt, please contact the fabric owner.

11) Most importantly, have fun!

General block information:

All seams should be ¼ inch or a scant ¼ with at least 12 stitches per inch if not more. All fabric should be cut on the straight of grain to avoid wonkiness and fraying whenever possible. Complementary threads should be used in the block. Blocks should not leave your hands until you know you have made every reasonable effort to get them as close to the 12 ½ inch size as you can get. We all respect new quilter’s need to learn and that will be taken into account but if you cannot consistently construct a basic 12 ½ inch block, this is not the swap for you. Please note: when you measure, measure units with an acrylic ruler as you go so you can pick up errors before the entire block is made. When complete, measure under an acrylic square at least 12 ½ inches square, not on top of it, after pressing. Also, be sure to allow yourself enough time to complete your full set of blocks. In other words, don’t leave them to the last week! The results can be hit-or-miss. And please be sure to clean up the blocks. Turn them over, trim your threads and cut dog ears.

Important: No public complaints or criticisms for any reason are permitted. All complaints must be addressed by Private Message (PM) or email me at [email protected]. No Exceptions.

Time to have some fun, Early Birds!

GramE 07-21-2019 07:46 AM

Good Morning Early Birds! That fits me today, I was up at 5am making 112 cinnamon rolls for 13 breakfast guests. 5 Airmen, 1 Navy recruit set to leave soon, 1 college freshman leaving next weekend, and family. Not sure how I got 112 rolls, I thought I was making 80. Have 42 left, told hubby he was going to have to go up & down the block and give them away!

I am so ready for block making. I’ve sat out a couple and am itching to get back. I have some new blocks I hope go with the fabrics you are sending. Waiting for my envelopes to mail my blocks.

Yes Janice, surgery went very well. Funny thing though, as the nurse was prepping me, she asked if I wanted a selfie w/the surgeon. Wow, I think this selfie thing might be outta control. But I now have a selfie with my surgeon! Just have to wear a protective patch to bed til next Friday. I can see!

jaba 07-21-2019 09:33 AM

Cinnamon rolls sound delicious, wish I was there to eat some! I'm glad your surgery went well and hope you heal quickly.
I spent the day yesterday in the kitchen, 1 batch of nankin cherry jelly, 1 chokecherry jelly, 1 chokeberry syrup,1 raspberry jam and 1 raspberry syrup. It's been a couple of years since I had to make these, I forgot how long it really takes. Thank heavens it's done, just waiting for the apricots to come on strong.
Will double check my little baggies today so they are ready to go once I get my envelopes. Have a good day everyone....

Janice McC 07-21-2019 09:50 AM

Yay! Jaba and GramE found the new threads.

Libster 07-21-2019 10:17 AM

GramE, I could sure help you out on those cinnamon rolls! They sound yummy. Glad your surgery went well.
I have all my F8s already packaged and ready to go. I'm looking forward to Boom 23!

jaba 07-21-2019 12:33 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Mine package is ready to go tomorrow Janice, will send tracking number. Made a sample block to start my 2 color quilt.Attachment 615040 I'm ready for some block making :)

Janice McC 07-21-2019 04:35 PM

I've gotten replies to my email from about half of you already. Terrific! Those who haven't replied yet, please check your emails. Thanks!

terriamn 07-22-2019 03:45 AM

Yum cinnamon rolls sound fantastic.

My fabric is ready to go, plan on heading home for a day or two this week and hubby will mail them for me

Janice McC 07-22-2019 04:38 AM

Morning, Early Birds! I've been up with the early birds this morning and have the Gallery set to go, the database is all ready, checked emails, finished some other little tasks and I'm ready for fabrics to start rolling in!

Those cinnamon rolls do sound wonderful. Any way of packing a few in with the F8s, Libster???

Janice McC 07-22-2019 08:05 AM

Gallery is up, btw. It's waiting for all your lovely blocks. One of Jaba's is in each group's photos already.

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