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  • Secret Santa 2015 Chat--OPENING DAY IS DECEMBER 6TH @ 3PM EST

    Old 10-15-2015, 06:41 PM
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    Originally Posted by NoraB
    This Secret Santa is needing some more input from her little Santee (?). Is the person I'm giving the present to the Santee? What does it stand for.........?
    likely latin endings indicating giver and receiver.... employer vs employee for example

    I've seen Elf and Santee for the receivers of the exchange so far. I'm watching for more key vocabulary so next year I'm part of the "in the know" crowd.
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    Old 10-15-2015, 07:12 PM
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    Saying thank you is pretty much implied. I didn't think I would have to tell anyone to thank the person that sent them their package. I was brought up to say "please and thank you" and I thought that others would have too.
    I cannot force someone to say thank you. I'm sure everyone is thankful for what they receive, but maybe they just forget to say thank you or maybe their thank you gets lost in the thread. That has happened before.

    So, now that this has been discussed...we are dropping that subject.

    This is to be a fun swap, not full of drama!!


    I don't like having to do things like this. I'm a pretty easy going person. But, when people start drama, that's where I step in and stop it.

    So, let's get back to having fun!!
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    Old 10-15-2015, 07:14 PM
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    Here's my questions to questions asked. I hope it is not too late to help my secret Santa out.

    * My favorite fabric is Batik and the worse is pasley and the modern large printed fabric.
    * My Fabric type is any batik and color is purple, blue, green, and tourquise.
    * My quilting style is traditions, scrappy, paper piecing.
    * I have 2 dogs and 2 cat. I feel we need to keep it even. LOL
    * I prefer any tea.
    * Chocolate, did you say chocolate. I love chocolate. It's bad for my diet, but I love chocolate. But if you insist on ruining my diet, it's Mr. Good bars.
    * Homemade or store bought? No preference, surprise me. Do whatever is easiest for you.
    * Favorite flower = gardenia
    * Favorite snack = I'm on a diet, so if I snack I eat a piece of fruit.
    *What's playing in my sewing room? TV or music (my CDs recorded on my I-pod).
    * Never have used clover binding clips. I have a few, but prefer my long straight pins.
    * I have lots of zippers, but don't use them. I don't make bags.
    * I love Christmas, thanksgiving, Halloween prints.
    * Do I applique? yes, but I only using fusible, usually it's seam a seam2 lite.
    * I use Ginghers scissors. They are my favorite. I had a pair for over 20 years. IMO they are the best.
    * I have not used or tried Fiskers micro tip.
    * My favorite holiday is 4th of July and Thanksgiving.
    * I don't own a Keurig brewer.
    * Do I like sewing or quilting notions. Yes, yes, and yes.
    * Do I want magazines. I have lots of magazines, so I really don't need any more. But I am looking for a paper copy of any volume of the 100 quilt blocks magazines.
    * Do I want or need a ruler? No preference
    * Do I want or need hand lotion, bath & body work products? No preference
    * Do I use graph paper yes
    * I don't do yo-yo's. I consider that hand sewing. I'm allergic to hand sewing. LOL
    * I have never heard of a Kanzashi flower maker.
    I hope this helps my Secret Santa out. Happy making out your package. I have to get going on making my handmade or sewed items to put in with my other ideas for my person. Take care.
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    Old 10-15-2015, 07:27 PM
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    Aww...happylab.........I had a stack of paisley I was going to send you. Dang! lol
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    Old 10-15-2015, 08:11 PM
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    hello everyone
    wasnt expecting the chat session to have started up in earnest yet so am surprised that there is so many pages to red through. i feel like the kid in class who wasnt expecting a quiz with all the questions being answered. but o make sure that the person who is so very lucky to have been given my name has ample info i shall do my best. (hope it isnt graded)
    favorite color--blue especially bright shades--least favorite--yellow- only because i cant wear it as it makes me look sick
    fabric: anything i get my hands on that is suitable for quilts
    pets: one Min Pin named Buzz, toy poodle/chihuahua mix named Poo-Chie and my familiar(avatar) Truffles
    cant stand coffee and very seldom drink tea--love chocolate of all kinds--hot chocolate with marshmallows, dark or milk chocolate, chocolate brownies, etc
    homemade vs boughten gifts--either are fine if given with my tastes in mind
    favorite flower would be yellow roses--favorite snacks--pretzels, candy,popcorn, what else you got?
    tv or music shile sewing--usually my own voice singing snatches of songs driving my furbabies to howl but not sure if they are joining in or complaining
    dont need zippers--they tend to take off and hide on me--still looking for one i bought 2 years ago to fix a pair of pants for my daughter--i keep yelling ollie ollie all in free but it refuses to leave its hiding place. i finally bought a replacement zipper and it took off and hid also.
    have never used clover clips so not sure if i would even if i had them. i applique by hand doing needle turn, do cross stitch although finding it harder as my eyes get older, i tend to buy kits from thrift store and do them to give to future DIL for xmas and birthday gifts.
    i collect owls --like finding them in different materials like wood or metal rather than just plaster of paris.
    i subscribe to approximately 8 different quilting magazines--love of quilting, quick quilts, american patchwork, better homes and gardens,mccalls, quilt world and quilt newsletter that i can think of right off hand, plenty of quilt books also--some i havent even gotten around to reading yet. ive been quilting for over 40 years so really dont need ny quilting notions and no longer do much of any other type of sewing (family insists on keeping my mending skills up to date). rulers==i have 2 of the 6 x 24", a 12.5 square, 9.5 square and 2 o the 6.5 squares. also have one that gives sizes for setting triangles for when you sew blocks together on the diagonal and a friend just sent me one that helps in making ends meet right for bindings. i use grqph paper (1/4" squares) when i want to check out color combos or determine number of blocks i might need (i usually figure one square per 2") or to get idea of what quilt will look like if i combine various patterns. havent used flower or yo-yo makers as not come across need for them in quilts i like to make. i think that about covers the questions. now can i go play with the Chippendales-- i havent seen them in a couple years.
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    Old 10-15-2015, 08:25 PM
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    I don't remember if I added the latest info brought up so here goes:

    Do you like/want magazines and/or books (sewing/quilting)? I could use some that are those with quick items to make or variety of sewing/quilting items.
    Do you like/want/need quilting rulers? (shapes/sizes) - I am wanting one of those rulers you use when paper piecing since I am learning.

    Do you like hand lotion? a special brand/kind? With lupus and sjogrens, I am always using more lotions and creams to help hydrate. I like light scents.
    Do you like Bath & Body Works products? I don't have any.

    Do you like/use graph paper (for quilt designing)? I love graph paper, and have me quite a bit in a regular graph paper tablet.

    Do you like the Clover Yo-Yo makers? I have a small one, but now usually just make my own.

    How about the Clover Kanzashi Flower Makers? I don't have one, don't know.

    Do you like using yo-yo's (already made) in your projects? Yes

    I love things from Estate sales like tea cups, and love laces and sewing type ribbons of all kinds.

    Could use a thimble.

    I like to read inspirational type books about women pioneers lives quilting, sewing, and their daily survival skills and thoughts.

    I like books about women of faith and courage.

    I love all sewing notions, and as others have said, "you can't have to many."
    I enjoy all the beautiful hand made things by others. I always learn from the skills of others.
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    Old 10-16-2015, 01:00 AM
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    I am so sad I missed this swap. I have done it for the last few years and had so much fun. Family and work just got me so behind. hope everyone has a lot of fun.
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    Old 10-16-2015, 01:07 AM
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    I'm getting excited. I'll be home tomorrow and maybe what I ordered for my santee will be there . It's what she asked for and I'm so glad I was able to get it.She will be getting 2 parcels . One I prepared before leaving home and this new one now I know who she is.She hast posted yet, but I've "stalked" her and found lots about her.
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    Old 10-16-2015, 03:19 AM
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    My answers to a few questions.

    Originally Posted by Quilty-Louise
    Just thought of more questions.

    Do you applique? Occasionally
    Do you use turn edge, or fusible applique? Fusible
    If fusible what kind do you like/use? No preference
    What kind of scissors to you use for cutting out the shapes? Spring loaded
    Have you ever used (or own) a pair of the Fiskar micro tip spring action scissors? Yes, I love them. Unfortunately, I can't find them at the moment.

    Mosre questions to come later (when I think of them).
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    Old 10-16-2015, 04:05 AM
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    A big yes to the tote bag if you are sending to me.
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